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Home Drive-In Theater (or Driveway Theater?)

tesla home drive-in theater

The Screen

In the past, we’ve setup chairs for our screen projector, but to take advantage of earlier sunsets in color weather, the next evolution was for a home drive-in theater, or should we call it a driveway theater? This is a screen I bought many years ago off of eBay. At our previous house it was used in our garage that was converted to a home theater room. It’s a 150″ motorized projector screen. Simply plug it in and you have 3 basic button controls for opening, retracting, and stopping how much screen is rolled out.

Can the Tesla Cybertruck Power Your Home?

cybertruck v2h - will it be possible?

Cybertruck V2H, will it be possible? V2H, or “Vehicle to Home” provides electricity from your electric vehicles battery to your house. Nissan has been working on their “Vehicle to Home” technology for a while now and it is apparently available in Japan now.

Refreshed Hummers by Mil-Spec Automotive!


Refreshed Hummers are here! Mil-Spec is company that takes classic Hummer’s built in the 90’s and rebuilds them from the frame up. They receive new Duramax Diesel engines, updated interiors, led lighting, modern technology mixed in, and a refinish of the exterior. This update is reminiscent of the modern touch being applied to older muscle cars of late, known as pro-touring or restomod.

Tesla Software Update 2020.12.6 (Stoplights and Stop Signs)

tesla software update 2020.12.6 traffic light and stop sign control - beta

Tesla software update version 2020.12.6 just got pushed over onto our Model X today.

Is It a Tesla eBike Or Merely Re-Badging?

Tesla eBike
eBike branded with Tesla badging

A Tesla eBike? I had to do a double-take on this one, I hadn’t heard of any Tesla eBike’s coming out yet. Granted, they’ve done other limited edition items including a surfboard. Also crossing over to the Boring Company with the “not a flamethrower”, fire extinguishers, and hats.

Is the Cybertruck Baja Race Bound?


In a Tweet yesterday, Elon Musk gave a brief update on the Cybertruck. They are working on increasing dynamic air suspension travel for better off-roading capabilities and that it needs to be able to “kick butt” in Baja. Does this mean Tesla could potential sponsor a race team or start their own?

Ripsaw Extreme Luxury Tank


Howe and Howe Technologies produces tracked vehicles. They’ve been doing it for a while now. One of their first vehicles to gain recognition was an earlier incarnation of the Ripsaw back in 2001. This one was unmanned and earned the title of fastest tank in the world.

Custom Treehouse – Construction from Scratch

custom treehouse railing completed

In this article I’ll provide an overview of the build process I took for a 12’x12′ single story, custom treehouse. The treehouse was built on a 12’x16′ platform to provide a 4′ walkway and also had an expanded deck area. The treehouse itself is 12’x12′.

Tesla Dashcam Viewer is Here! (and Cheetah Mode)

tesla dashcam viewer

I just received the Tesla software update version 2020.12.5 this afternoon. This update includes the Tesla Dashcam Viewer and Out of Order Supercharger Stalls. Cheetah Mode is also released in this version for Performance Model S and X vehicles, so I didn’t get it.

Playset to Treehouse – A Shortcut to Building?

treehouse from modified play set

Initially we were planning to build a custom treehouse. During this time, my wife came across a play set that was marked down at Costco. Ultimately we decided to purchase this, but modify just a couple areas in order to mount it onto a platform on the tree. This is the outcome of our playset to treehouse project.