The Tesla Cybertruck Screens: In-Vehicle Controls and Entertainment

tesla cybertruck main infotainment screen

The Tesla Cybertruck is not just a marvel of futuristic design and engineering; it’s also a showcase of cutting-edge in-vehicle technology. Among its many impressive features, the Cybertruck boasts Tesla’s largest vehicle screen to date.

An 18.5-Inch Infotainment Behemoth

At the heart of the Cybertruck’s technological prowess is the massive 18.5-inch touchscreen centrally mounted on the dashboard. This display is the largest ever installed in a Tesla vehicle, surpassing even the Model S and X’s 17-inch screen. The sheer size of this screen transforms the Cybertruck’s cabin into a command center, offering an unparalleled interface for controlling every aspect of the vehicle. From navigation and media to climate control and vehicle settings, this expansive display ensures that all functions are just a touch away.

The screen’s size is not merely for show; it enhances usability by providing a more spacious layout for apps and controls, reducing the need for scrolling and minimizing distractions. The high resolution and advanced graphics capabilities mean that everything from maps to movies looks stunningly crisp and clear. For drivers, this means easier access to essential information without taking their eyes off the road for too long.

9.4-Inch Rear Console Screen: Entertainment for Passengers

Passengers in the back seats aren’t left out of the Cybertruck’s entertainment revolution. Mounted on the back of the center console is a 9.4-inch touchscreen, a feature that is particularly appealing for families and those who frequently travel with companions. This screen allows rear passengers to control their own media, climate settings, and even access a range of apps and entertainment options independently from the front display.

This secondary screen ensures that everyone in the vehicle can enjoy a customized experience, whether it’s streaming their favorite shows, playing games, or simply adjusting the cabin environment to their liking. It turns long journeys into enjoyable adventures, making the Cybertruck an ideal vehicle for road trips.

A Theater on Wheels

Tesla’s description of the Cybertruck as a “theater on wheels” might sound like an exaggeration, but with these screen sizes and capabilities, it’s a claim that holds water. The combination of the 18.5-inch and 9.4-inch screens offers a multimedia experience that is unmatched in the automotive world. Whether you’re the driver benefiting from the expansive control and navigation capabilities of the main screen or a passenger enjoying personalized entertainment in the back, the Cybertruck ensures that every journey is both productive and enjoyable.

Beyond Entertainment: A Glimpse into the Future

The screens in the Cybertruck are not just about entertainment; they represent Tesla’s broader vision for the future of vehicles. By integrating such large, high-quality displays, Tesla is pushing the boundaries of what in-car technology can achieve. These screens are likely to support a range of advanced features, from autonomous driving interfaces to augmented reality overlays, positioning the Cybertruck as a forward-looking vehicle ready for the next decade of innovation.


The Tesla Cybertruck’s 18.5-inch and 9.4-inch touchscreens set a new benchmark for in-vehicle technology, turning the concept of a “theater on wheels” into a reality. They enhance the driving experience by providing easy access to a wide array of functions and entertain passengers with personalized media options. As Tesla continues to innovate, these screens will undoubtedly play a crucial role in defining the future of automotive technology. The Cybertruck is not just a vehicle; it’s a glimpse into the future of how we interact with our cars.