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Dreamcase – Camp in Your Car


If you’re looking to camp in your car and looking for a solution that might be a bit more comfortable and compact than others, Dreamcase might be worth checking out.  They have offer their Dreamcase for many different vehicle manufacturers from Audi to Tesla, and several in between.  This is a video showcasing Dreamcase in a Tesla Model 3.  With Tesla recently releasing their Camp Mode feature through another free, over-the-air update, this could be the perfect compliment for making your car camping experience a bit more comfortable.  These are a bit on the higher price tag scale in my opinion, but depending on your budget might be just what you’re looking for.

Tesla GT Race Car


The Plaid power-train for Tesla is expected to be available later this year on the Model S and possibly the Model X, but back in June of 2018 the Lovecars YouTube channel posted this video of a heavily modified P100DL Model S which was built as a GT race car. Complete with wide body kit, serious suspension and brake upgrades, among several other race performance upgrades.

The stock aluminum body was replaced with a “flat fiber” material, a material I never heard of before. They mention it has the same strength as carbon composites, but with a slight a translucent property to it where light can shine through it. He states they’ve removed half a ton of weight from the original vehicle!

The SWITCH Lab – Electric Vehicle School


The SWITCH Lab is a classroom which challenges students to build road-worthy electric vehicles. They have an instructor training program where trainees have gone on to teach curriculumd in high schools and colleges. It’s almost a modern day auto-shop. The majority of their training is done in their Sebastopol, California shop. Check out their workshop calendar for events in other locations as well. For anyone looking to learn more about electric vehicles and how to build them, it’s worth a look to see if what they offer is the right fit for your needs.

Panelized Homes


With the cost of living skyrocketing in certain areas, people often look to alternative solutions.  One such solution that has been growing more and more attention are pre-fab homes.  Here’s a couple examples of companies providing such offerings:



An Electrified Rebirth of a Classic! Meet the Charge Mustang Fastback


Meet the Charge Mustang.  This is the first all-wheel drive, all electric Ford Mustang based on the 1968 Mustang Fastback.  While I’m not 100%, I believe Charge has partnered or at least used Dynacorn as a vendor.  Dynacorn is company who has purchased the rights to reproduce certain classic bodies including the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback. For more information on Charge, be sure to visit their website.

For over 15 years now, Dynacorn has been producing all-steel, reproduction, licensed bodies for vintage muscle cars, while using todays’ modern technology.  If you’re not tied to 100% original, these reproduction bodies are certainly something to consider.  Especially after the latest re-make of the movie Gone in 60 Seconds starring Nicolas Cage in 2000, the price of Mustang Fastbacks has skyrocketed thanks to the octane powered star of the movie, “Eleanor”.  When you factor in the initial purchase price of one of these vintage Mustang’s, the sweat labor, time, and materials, you might find yourself much further behind in your pocket book than if you went with a brand new, reproduction body.

Ken Block – EV at Dakar


Ken Block takes his first ride in an all-electric race vehicle, the Extreme E Odyssey 21. He pre-runs a portion of the Dakar Rally in preparation of his run in the final leg of the race.

For more information on Extreme E, be sure to check out their website at extreme-e.com.

Remote Controlled Delorean Time Machine


The title pretty much says it all.  Bjorn Harms, a computer technician by day, has an impressive Delorean Time Machine replica from the classic Back to the Future trilogy, with one extra cool feature Doc Brown himself would have to be impressed, full remote control with a controller that looks just like the one used in the first movie.

Raptor to UTV Conversion

Yamaha Raptor Converted to UTV


This was an interesting conversion, taking a Yamaha Raptor ATV and turning it into a UTV. According to the article by Dirt Wheels Magazine, this used to be a kit that could be purchased, but apparently it is no longer available. A mini rally car skin was once available as well.

If nothing else, it provides some great photos that could help someone interesting in doing their own custom fabrication conversion.

Cybertruck: Back to the Future


Posted by “Elon McFly”, this is a great Tesla Cybertruck visual effects update to the classic Back to the Future scene where Doc Brown gets the time machine up to 88mph. Visual Effects work done by Fort York VFX, check out their Cybertruck Time Machine (Back to the Future) reel page for more information.

DIY gas powered cybertruck


A few DIY Cybertrucks have been popping up. Here’s one posted by MakerBeta who hand-built this custom rig. This build was built up from a scrapped Jinbei van. As stated in the video, it was built from fairly thick 3mm steel to help ensure structural rigidity.