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Electric Delorean – Will it Ever See Production?


This is an older video from 2012.  It highlights the original DMC Delorean design (made famous in the Back to the Future movie trilogy), but with a new electric drivetrain. A lot of history surrounds Delorean Motors.  Will it have a new future?

The 2020 Tesla Range Update (Model S and X)


Back on February 14th Elon Musk Tweeted that all Tesla Model S and X vehicles made in “recent months” would be unlocked soon via another free, over-the-air update. This Tesla range update matches (or is close to) the new EPA ratings that are now advertised for these vehicles.

SylvanSport GO Trailer – Towing with a Tesla Model X

SylvanSport GO, Tesla Model X Supercharging

The SylvanSport GO, dubbed by National Geographic as the coolest camper ever! It can be used for Camper Mode, Gear Hauler Mode, and Utility Trailer Mode. They call it a Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers, just don’t expect a bathroom or kitchen.

The $35K Off-Menu Tesla Model 3


For a while now I’ve heard about the $35K Off-Menu Tesla Model 3. There’s forum posts here and there about how to order it. Details of what features aren’t included, have been scattered. This video goes into great detail about what features are not included. This “off-menu” offering is essentially the “Standard Range” model.

Sherp – All Terrain


The Sherp line of off-road vehicles. Their line of vehicles are designed to function in extreme conditions. Snow, ice, forging over water. Sherp has a diverse user base. Geologists, oil workers, fishers, hunters, thrill-seekers, and discovered.

Our Tesla Solarglass v3 Order Process (so far)

tesla solarglass v3 order
(Not our house, just the image Tesla uses in your account)

This will be a running update as we meet new milestones on our Tesla Solarglass v3 order. For those who may not know, Tesla’s version 3 of solar roof was rebranded as Solarglass. This is the full shingle replacement. It is not solar panels mounted on top of an existing roofing material.

It’s Here! Tesla Model Y Features and Details.


The first of the Tesla Model Y deliveries started on March 13th! Ryan Shaw has this video that dives into some of the features and details including various measurements.

Xing Mobility – Miss R


A rally inspired car with four electric motors, this is the Xing Mobility Miss R. Xing Mobility was founded in 2015 and is based in Taipei.

Screw Tank Test Drive


Colin Furze is back at it again with a screw tank driven mode of transportation! If you’re not already familiar with Colin, he’s already fabricated a long list of crazy contraptions from a hover bike to a backyard 360 degree swing that stands over 30 feet tall!

Woodburn Premium Outlets – Whimsical Treehouse!

woodburn outlets treehouse

One of my daughters and I were on our way to Eugene, OR to pick up a used trailer I was purchasing. We stopped off in Woodburn, OR to supercharge before heading further south to Eugene. The supercharger was located near Woodburn Premium Outlets, so we walked around the mall for a bit.