Craftsman Electric Zero Turn Mower – First Look!

Craftsman, a trusted name in lawn care equipment, has released their new electric zero turn lawn mower, and it’s turning heads in the industry. This innovative mower boasts a powerful electric motor, impressive maneuverability, and a range of features designed to make lawn care a breeze. One of the standout features of the Craftsman electric …

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Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mower – The Review Home Depot and Ryobi Don’t Want You to See

ryobi zero turn mower review

This is an update on my initial review of the Ryobi Zero Turn mower after less than one year of use and subsequent return. Both potential buyers and current owners should be aware of what may very well be imminent battery failure and actions they may need to take. I was genuinely excited when I …

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Tiny Home With a Shed

Here’s a timelapse of a tiny home built with storage for outdoor gear.  The steep sloped roof might improve aerodynamics while it’s being pulled.  Makes you wonder if it was built taller than expected for the shop door since the trailer tires had to be deflated to get it out…

“Professor Dumpster” and His Pre-Fabricated Micro Dwelling

Jeff Wilson, who has been referred to as “Professor Dumpster” after living in a dumpster for over 200 days, became inspired after the experiment to take a different approach to small home building.  He is CEO of a company called Kasita, and they manufacture prefabricated tiny homes or micro-dwellings that are packed with technology.

The DamselFly Tiny Home

The latest tiny home build dubbed the DamselFly was build by Zyl Vardos which is based out of Olympia Washington.  Founder Abel Zyl, who has been building tiny homes for over 10 years gives a tour of their latest tiny house creation.

Will Tesla Help Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Power Grid?

A short news story from CNBC about the possibility of Tesla rebuilding Puerto Rico’s power grid with their solar and battery units.  Elon Musk says Tesla can do it and the Governor of Puerto Rico seems interested in discussions around the feasibility…