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Local Rat Rod

rat rod truck

Happened to see this rat rod drive past the other direction on me and after running errands, we had to pick up my daughter and saw it again parked at the local high school.

rat rod

Spindle Reinforcement Rings: Troy-Bilt Mower Deck Repair

troybilt mower deck reinforcement

Spindle Reinforcement Rings. These plate steel brackets provide additional mounting strength to your riding lawn mower deck. Particularly decks with fairly thin metal. If your deck has damage to the mounting holes for the spindles, these rings can save you from replacing your deck.

Considering a Used Nissan LEAF Electric Car? Check out this comparison of years and models…

nissan leaf emblem

A friend of mine sent this link to me, it’s a very comprehensive comparison of features and things to look for if you’re considering getting a used Nissan LEAF.  Several Nissan LEAF’s are showing up in the used car market, especially ones that were under a 3-year lease.  This article can might persuade you to look at a certain year or model over a different one.  Certainly worth the read for anyone considering jumping into the used Nissan LEAF market.


Custom DIY Steel Gate – The 52″ Gate

custom diy steel gate

In this article I discuss how I built a custom sliding, diy steel gate with square tubing. With some help and tips from a friend of mind, this was my first major welding project.

Concrete Calculator

concrete calculator

I had a few bags of concrete left over from a previous project I planned to use on a new project, but had a feeling I might come up a bit short.  I didn’t want to take a chance of starting to mix concrete only to find myself needing more.  After a quick Google, I came across this online calculator that helped re-affirm I was going to need to make a run to the hardware store for two more bags.


Looking to Organize Your Fishing Rods? Consider the Rapala Lock and Load Rod Rack – Product Review

rapala fishing rod organizer holder

Looking to get our fishing poles off of the floor (the wife has a tendency of sticking them in a corner of the garage), I decided to give the Rapala Lock and Load Rod Rack a try after seeing it on Amazon.  It’s designed so it can be mounted vertically on a wall or upside down on a ceiling, I opted for the ceiling option for my particular installation since we don’t have ton of open wall space in our garage right now as there’s several shelves around almost the entire garage.

Fence for Life – Concrete Fencing Review

fence for life concrete fence review

Concrete Fencing – Product Review

At our previous house we had a wood fence that despite being stained every couple years was noticeably weathered. I had to replace a post or two, repair the gate a couple times, and also straighten multiple posts that began to lean.  I remember when we had the house built and a fence was including the build.  The building inspector mentioned that the fence would probably last 5 years or so, we managed to double that. However, if I had to guess, it probably didn’t have too much longer to go.

The West Coast Electric Highway


After looking at different options for charging our Nissan LEAF and taking a look the closest quick charge station to our house (which is an AeroVironment unit), I decided to sign-up for their monthly service. For $19.99/month subscription (plus a $15 activation fee) you get unlimited access to their stations, and you can cancel at anytime.