Tesla Custom Light Show

tesla custom light show

With Tesla’s 2021 “Holiday Update” that began rolling out around Christmas Eve, they added a new light show to the Toybox, but also the ability to create your own custom light shows! This is available on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, as well as the refreshed 2021 Model S and Model X. The new update included a new light show (new soundtrack and sequence compared to what was available on the first gen Model X. With this latest update, you can use your own soundtrack and light sequence!

We’ve compiled a couple great resources for how to design your own custom Tesla light show or where to download files that others have already created. Read on to learn more!

How to Create Your Own Custom Tesla Light Show

Once again, it appears this will only work for Tesla Model 3’s and Y’s as well as the refreshed 2021 Model S’s and and X’s. The open-sourced software you’ll need to use is called xLights.

Audio File and Command Lines

You’ll need either an .mp3 or .wav file for the audio, however WAV is recommended. Light shows are also currently limited to 5 minutes of run and the number of command lines you can use in xLights is also limited.

Step by Step Instructions

This site here is a great resouce, Tesla Light Show page on GitHUB by the user JVB-Tesla has all the information you should need.

How to Download and Setup an Already Made Custom Light Show

TeslaLightShare.io is a great resource for custom Tesla Light Show’s. This site has a collection of files created by various individuals who have uploaded their creations to share.

Projected Tesla Logo From New Matrix Headlights

It appears that Model 3’s and Y’s produced possibly in November 2021 and later received updated matrix headlights. What are matrix headlights you might ask? They are comprised of a cluster of LED’s. These cluster allow for “adaptive lighting” in various situations such as on turns. It’s expected that Tesla will incorporate adaptive lighting for these headlights in an upcoming software update.

This video posted on Twitter was one of the first to show the new Model 3/Y matrix headlights: