Remote Controlled Delorean Time Machine

The title pretty much says it all.  Bjorn Harms, a computer technician by day, built an over-the-top Delorean Time Machine replica.  There are a handful of replica “Time Machines” out there of varying build quality.  However, this is supposed to be the only remote controlled Delorean in the world. Everything on this one looks top notch.

Clearly inspired by the classic Back to the Future trilogy, complete with remote control!  Even Doc Brown himself would have to be impressed with this one!  Somehow it only took him 6 months to make it functional with an additional 3 months to make it more reliable.

Time Machine Conversion

Sourcing parts for a realistic Time Machine replica is a daunting task all in itself. These conversions are quite involved, especially if you’re looking to do this for the first time and having to research various components that were used.

Remote Steering

The remote control functions just like the one in the movie.  Quite a bit of attention to detail!  All of the remote control functionality was achieved with a manual transmission. To overcome this, he swapped in power steering from an Opel Corsa.  This was then connected into the remote control system.

If you want a remote controlled Delorean Time Machine, you’ll need to figure out the steering. Bjorn mentions the toughest challenge was getting the steering setup to be controlled remotely.  Since the original vehicle did not have power steering, this was one of the biggest issues to overcome.

It comes with a fully functional remote control that looks just like the one used in the first movie.  It’s truly amazing how details some of the custom modders are able to do with some times just a low resolution image of something.

The only thing this car might be lacking is getting the flux capacitor fully function for time travel.

Looking For Your Own Delorean Time Machine?

If you want to pay someone to build your own Delorean, there’s a few customizers out there who specialize in Delorean Time Machines. Bob’s Prop Shop is one of those. He also builds replica’s of other famous vehicles including the Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters, K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, and more.

If you’re into Delorean’s, be sure to check out another one of our posts which highlights an all electric Delorean that was supposed to go into production.

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