Cybertruck Back to the Future Version – Amazing Visual Effects!

back to the future cybertruck

Posted by “Elon McFly”, this is a great Tesla Cybertruck visual effects update to the classic Back to the Future scene. This is the scene at Twin Pines Mall where Doc Brown first gets the time machine up to 88mph.

This is certainly a high quality composite. Visually, it looks flawless. There are several small details that went into the work. From the wiring out the outside similar to the original Delorean Time Machine to electronics on the inside. You can even see the flux capacitor on the inside!

You’ll see even more attention to detail with the license plate. Perhaps easier to see as it falls to the ground, “OUTATIME” is updated to “LOL GAS”. If you look closely, you can also see it from the back as the Cybertruck begins to take off while it’s still attached to the rear bumper.

Visual Effects work done by Fort York VFX, check out their Cybertruck Time Machine (Back to the Future) reel page for more information.

Cybertruck Featured in Movies?

While we probably won’t ever see a Cybertruck Back to the Future movie, there’s likely a pretty strong possibility it makes it into other movies. The Hummer HX concept vehicle made it into Transformers 2. A vehicle as unique as the Cybertruck will almost certainly make it into some movies, but how much screen time?

I could definitely see the Cybertruck used in various action movies. The Fast and Furious movie series appears to be slated to wrap up with a 10th installment. There could be time for them to get their hands on a Cybertruck. With what seems to be a fairly easy to vinyl wrap body, it should be fairly easy for production companies to get a custom look just from wrapping it.

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