Electric Delorean – Will it Ever See Production?

This is an older video from 2012.  It highlights the original DMC Delorean design (made famous in the Back to the Future movie trilogy), but with a new electric drivetrain. A lot of history surrounds Delorean Motors.  Will it have a new future?

This one was to launch in 2013.  Several planned re-launches of the Delorean have fallen through over the years.  One thing all of these proposed re-launches have in common is re-using “new old stock” body components.  Some plans have hinted at updated interiors.  In the case of an electric Delorean powertrain, this technology from 2012 is extremely dated now.

Current State of Delorean Motor Company (DMC)

Stephen Wynne, the current CEO of the company seems to be experimenting with new drive trains.  There are also other refresh ideas involving the old production inventory the company is still holding onto.

2008 was to mark the year of a limited production run.  This never came to fruition either.

At one point, they were expected to re-release the Delorean DMC-12 in 2017.  However, they have hit multiple challenges along the way.  We’re now in 2020 and it seems the same information from 2017 can be found on their site.

Their site mentions the “Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act” (H.R. 2675).  This creates a reasonable regulatory structure allowing small companies to produce a limited number of replica motor vehicles.  These vehicles resemble the appearance of cars produced 25 years ago or more.

Many people who know of Delorean would likely assume they are no longer in business, but they still seem to be hanging on.

Most recently, DMC Texas has announced plans of another limited production.  This time, for 2021.  No mention if it will be an Electric Delorean or use an internal combustion engine.

For more information on the Delorean Motors, check out their website at www.delorean.com

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