New Cybertruck Gigafactory – Central United States?


Elon Musk just tweeted they are currently scouting locations for the Cybertruck Gigafactory. He mentions in will be central USA. Does that mean Texas based on a previous tweet from him? Tesla’s original plan was to start Cybertruck production for deliveries beginning in late 2021. It will be a tight turn around. They need to secure property, build a factory, and get everything up and running for manufacturing.

Amazon had a handful of cities bidding for the H2Q location.  Will it be a similar situation for Tesla?  There’s been arguments for why it makes sense somewhere in TX.  SpaceX, which uses the same stainless steel as the Cybertruck already has a facility in Boca Chica, TX.

One thing is for sure, it seems a focus on centralized distribution is paramount.  One of the main goals for where the new facility will be locatuib.  Does this mean access to rail lines, ports, or other key distribution factors?

How Long Will it Take to Build the CyberTruck Gigafactory?

The Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai went up and was producing Model 3’s in record time. However, don’t count on the same quickness in the US. It will likely take longer.

Existing Gigafactory Expansion?

As of last year, it was reported that Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada was approximately 30% complete. The original plan was for it to be built in phases. It could be possible that Tesla looks to expand before building from scratch. An existing Gigafactory expansion could be faster than a new location.

UPDATE: Nashville is in conversations for the Cybertruck Gigafactory. Nissan already has a large footprint in Nashville. Tesla could be next! Take a look at this article on TechCrunch. Missouri, Oklahoma, and other areas have also put together proposals. Each trying to convince Tesla to built in their jurisdiction.

4/29/20: Elon Musk mentioned on Tesla’s Q1 Earnings Call that they could announce the new Gigafactory soon. The estimate he gave was in the next 1-3 months. One thing is for sure, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we know.

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