Here’s How Teslas Are Different from Other Electric Cars

How are Tesla's different from other cars

Tesla, the California-based company specializing in renewable energy and luxury electric vehicles, likes to set itself apart from the emerging competition. The Tesla models are leaders in the pack and are known for constantly-evolving technology. Competitors are starting to produce more electric vehicles, but Tesla continues to be in a different category.

One of the main factors that set Teslas apart from the competition is the high-risk, high-reward thinking behind the industry. The company does not “play it safe” and opts for cutting-edge design, groundbreaking features, and constant evolution.

If you’re looking to find out what makes Teslas different from other electric cars, read on to find out more about how the company works and the impact of its business model.

With Higher Risks Come Higher Rewards

Tesla is known for not playing it safe. The company makes many promises about the products on offer. While they’re not always ready when planned, they continue to push the envelope to reach the point they wish to reach. From the start, Tesla has been striving to go further than anyone else in the field.

Breaking into the electric vehicle world came with many challenges for the company, mostly because this was and continues to be a developing industry. Tesla emerged in the field with its first electric vehicle offering, the 2008 version of the Roadster, and immediately broke the mold. 

The Roadster was the first fully electric vehicle that was legal to drive on highways. It was also the first fully electric car with 200 miles of drive per charge, the first to use lithium-ion battery cells, and even the first car to be launched into space with one of Space X’s Falcon Heavy rockets in 2018.

Tesla has been playing a high-stakes game ever since. The 2008 Roadster has been discontinued, but it’s been followed by models that keep making headlines. The Tesla Model S, released in 2012, was named the bestselling plug-in electric car across the world in 2015 and 2016. The Model X followed in 2015 and introduced the falcon-wing doors.

The Tesla Model 3 broke another record by becoming the bestselling electric vehicle globally and has delivered more than half a million units to customers! The Model Y, the newest vehicle to be released, is following in its predecessor’s footsteps. Despite this continued success, Tesla continues to take risks in the name of innovation and sustainability.

Constant Updates Bring Constant Improvements

Tesla releases its electric vehicles as finished products, but they continue receiving upgrades long after they are delivered. Tesla releases over-the-air software updates regularly. This makes the luxury electric models long-term investments that never feel outdated. 

With Tesla’s drive to reach new heights in terms of technology and features, the over-the-air updates contribute to its business model’s success. These updates are delivered directly to the electric vehicle through Wi-Fi and are available to be discovered in the software section of the touchscreen command center.

The updates can introduce new features or enhance existing ones. They breathe new life into existing models without making users feel like they’re missing out by not immediately purchasing the newest model released on the market. The over-the-air updates are one of the most user-friendly parts of the Tesla models.

Updates continue to improve upon existing Tesla electric vehicles while keeping interest alive for those in development. As the technology continues to evolve, it is distributed retroactively to existing models and can immediately deliver instant upgrades that only require the time necessary to download and install.

The over-the-air updates can make it seem like you’ve purchased a new car without the extra investment and will make you feel kept in the loop throughout your experience as a Tesla owner. The updates are rolled out regularly, with bigger upgrades released around once per month and smaller ones delivered throughout the month at varying lengths.

The usual time to download these updates is less than half an hour, making it easy to get your car upgraded before you have to start your day. These upgrades keep adding bonuses to your Tesla investment.

Tesla’s Cutting-edge Design is a Huge Draw

Tesla vehicles are known for their cutting-edge design. The models are usually:

  • Sleek
  • Minimalistic
  • Packed full of features

Tesla invests in some of the best car designers, like Franz von Holzhausen, who joined the company from General Motors during the early days and has since gone on to design some of the most influential vehicles in the world.

The Tesla luxury electric vehicles are designed to be visually striking. The aesthetic impact is taken into consideration as one of the deciding factors behind the finished product. Tesla models make a statement when they appear on the road, not just through their performance but through their appearance. 

Franz von Holzhausen designed the Tesla bestsellers and was the mind behind the Models Y, 3, X, and S. The upcoming offerings of the Tesla Semi, the Cybertruck, and the new version of the Roadster are also directly influenced by his vision. The initial version of the 2008 Roadster was based on a Lotus design, but they have all been originals since then.

The falcon-wing doors of the Model X made waves when the vehicle was announced and continue to be one of the more striking design features encountered in an electric vehicle. With each model, the design remains one of the biggest selling points. Tesla is continuing to invest in designs that will keep them ahead of the curve.

Groundbreaking Features Keep the User Entertained

Tesla vehicles are known for their wide range of features that are both innovative and entertaining. These features are some of the most attractive parts of purchasing Tesla models, and the company continues to bring them across in new and improved ways. 

Software and Hardware

With each software update, Tesla sends Easter eggs over-the-air to the touchscreen command centers. Tesla users now expect these, and the thrill of discovering them is an event that keeps customers hooked throughout their experience. 

Models S and X have another beloved feature in the form of a massive touchscreen with a mega-tablet interface. This command center has the controls of the vehicle presented in a visually appealing and practical way. This feature was first introduced in 2012 on the Model S and has since become a standard in the industry at large. 

Clean Air

Tesla models like the S and the X have a robust filtration system meant to be hospital-grade. This is called the Bioweapon Defense Mode and uses HEPA air filters and HVAC technology to purify the air from all pollutants. This feature will also keep the air clean, which can significantly help those with allergies or respiratory issues.

The Best Wheels

The Model 3 includes Aero Wheels that improve performance and efficiency. These wheel covers are standard on the Model 3 and are designed to reduce fuel consumption up to 3%, which is an excellent boost to the battery and driving range too.

Don’t Worry; It’s Fast

Tesla’s love for speed has shown itself in its acceleration feature. Initially known as Insane Mode on the Model S, the feature is now known as Ludicrous Mode and takes the vehicles from 0 to 60mph at supercar levels.

Safety Is a Big Part of Tesla’s Designs

Tesla’s business model is very involved with using technology to improve safety ratings. The extensive engineering behind these luxury electric vehicles has created some of the safest cars in the world. Teslas are designed to keep the driver and passengers safe and improve the road’s safety in general.

Models X, S, and 3 have been studied extensively in terms of safety by the New Car Assessment Program created by the United States government. The main feature that enhances the safety level in Teslas is the battery pack. This battery pack is fortified and attached to the car’s floor.

The battery pack is installed so that it creates large crumple areas while maintaining a low center of strength. The pack is only rarely damaged in accidents and has an intricate safety system that protects it in the case of fire. 

Tesla receives status reports from all their models, which informs the safety features that continue to be rolled out as over-the-air updates and the existing ones. Careful analysis of accidents, collisions, and road incidents has led to the development of features that actively work to avoid any such instances. 

Since 2018, Tesla has been releasing safety data designed to help with the general evolution of safety features across the automotive industry.

Tesla Cars Lead the Way in Battery/Driving Range

The driving range is the term designed to indicate how much distance a Tesla model can cover on a single charge. The Tesla vehicles are known to have some of the most extended ranges on the market for electric cars. The range can be displayed as a percentage or as a rated mileage approved by the EPA.

Your Tesla’s range can be viewed from the Energy app, which you can find on your Tesla touchscreen command center. The range can vary because it is affected by many factors such as:

  • The weather
  • Battery technology
  • Range calculation
  • Environmental conditions
  • High speeds
  • Uphill travel
  • Short trips with stop-and-go in quick succession

There are many ways to avoid a decrease in range, such as keeping to regular charging habits, keeping the vehicle plugged in during the cold, and taking care of tire pressure.

At this time, Tesla continues to provide more distance per charge than most of its competitors. Its battery technology is one of the most evolved on the market, and it continues to progress through the years. This battery performance may come with the increased risk of shorter battery life, but the results speak for themselves for now.

The Supercharger Network Keeps You Going

The Tesla Supercharger Network is one of the contributing factors to the company’s success rate. Superchargers make up the fastest charging network out there. It is also the most widespread and accessible, with over 2000 stations worldwide standing at the ready for your next road trip.

The Supercharger Network has been created to give Tesla users freedom while significantly reducing the cost, especially compared to traditional cars and their spending on gasoline. The Supercharger technology is in constant evolution and provides quick charge on the go. 

The Supercharger stations are designed to be practical and to make your vehicle reach an optimal charging level to keep you going on your trip. Your Tesla model will send you alerts regarding its charge level, and you can stop at any Supercharger during your travels. 

On most occasions during longer trips, the Superchargers’ abundance will mean that you won’t have to charge past 80% to get where you need to go or until you can stop at another one further along the route. The charging alerts you receive will be sent to the Tesla app on your phone, which frees up some time for you to have a coffee while you wait.

The Supercharger Network continues to be in development, and it has expanded into allying with various global partners to achieve more impact and spread to more areas. The Tesla company considers the customer’s comfort when partnering with hotels and shopping centers to offer charging stations in your way.

Tesla Offers Versatility in Its Vehicle Options 

The Tesla Models offer plenty of options for a variety of needs, both in what’s currently on the market and what is in development. 

Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a four-door sedan that has three versions: 

  • Standard Range Plus
  • Long Range
  • Performance

This is also the most affordable Tesla Model currently on the market.

Model X

The Model X is built in the fashion of an SUV and can seat up to seven people. It is directly inspired by the Model S and features the falcon-wing rear doors that are so popular among Tesla users. The Model X comes in two versions: the Long Range Plus and the Performance.

Model Y

The Model Y is a compact crossover SUV that can also seat seven. It is directly influenced by the Model 3 but with added space and comfort. At the moment, the Model Y is still being rolled out, but two versions are currently available: the Performance and the Long Range. A Standard version should soon follow.

Model S

The Model S is an executive saloon type vehicle with all-wheel drive and the original Insane Mode, then known as the Ludicrous Mode. The acceleration feature continues to be impressive, even though the Model S was released in 2012. 

What’s Next?

One of the next vehicles set to be released will include even more versatility with the Cybertruck. This vehicle aims to combine the utility of a truck with the performance of a sports car. The combination of strength, speed, and versatility in this vehicle are sure to keep many Tesla users entertained.

Investment in Research Makes Tesla’s Evolution Continuous

Tesla actively supports research in renewable energy, as far as its development and application. Its commitment to continually evolve its products and keep innovating has increased spending on research and development expenses. This aims to create more accessibility and a quicker path to a zero-emissions future.

Research has been an instrumental part of the Tesla business model. Constant evolution and progress is a tenet of this company, and it’s what tends to keep it at the forefront of the market and the industry. Research is what drives the continuous updates and innovative features of Teslas, as well as their design.

As a company, Tesla invests in experts in the field to get an edge over competitors. This is one of the many influential factors on their continued success.

Tesla is Business Savvy

Ever since it arrived on the scene, Tesla has known how to navigate the turbulent waters of the electric vehicle and renewable energy fields. From the start, the company opted for groundbreaking technology, cutting-edge design, and innovative features. This has been keeping them ahead of the curve for years and through several releases.

By making the path to a zero-emissions future such a commercial blockbuster, Tesla has been attracting attention not just to their designs but also to what can be achieved with electric vehicles and the technology behind them. Tesla has made it apparent that it is no longer a downgrade to switch to an electric vehicle.

Tesla has been creating luxury electric vehicles that can directly compete with traditional-fuel luxury brands, successfully changing both the game and the perspective. As a business, it has known from the start how to attract attention and use the resources at its disposal to keep interest firmly placed on its products. 

The popularity of Tesla products has been continuously sparking interest in the world of electric vehicles. Through billionaire Elon Musk’s vision and the showmanship involved in releases and events, the world knows what Tesla is, and it also knows what can be done. Electric only vehicles are starting to be seen as potentials with few limits.

Their Electric Vehicles Make a Profit

Profit margins have much to say in any business, especially when it comes to one that has broken with traditional industry elements. Electric vehicles can be costly investments to manufacture, but without much difference between themselves or traditional cars. The main difference between electric vehicles and traditional ones is the profit they turn.

Few electric vehicles available on the market manage to turn a profit within current industry standards. Tesla has recently started making a profit on their electric vehicles, which also sets them apart from their competitors. Few others come close to being at the same level when it comes to profiting off the investments made. 

Tesla’s profit margin only recently grew, in large part due to the 3.3 billion dollars it has accrued in the past five years, with a big part of that achieved in 2020. This has also been possible due to the company’s savviness in dealing with the changes in the business. 

With many of its competitors not set to make a profit on their electric vehicles until later in the decade, Tesla’s profitable business model is a great success to the company. This is also a significant step forward for the electric vehicle industry at large that can start many more possibilities.

The Model 3 Is One of the Best Electric Vehicles Ever Made

Since it started being rolled out in 2017, the Tesla Model 3 has enjoyed numerous positive reviews from users and testers worldwide. The Model 3 is one of Tesla’s greatest hits and has consistently received the accolade of being one of the best electric vehicles.

The Model 3 is a sedan, but it is a spacious one that emulates the feel of a crossover SUV. It includes plenty of storage space in a traditional back trunk as well as front trunk, or frunk, one of Tesla’s infamous features. The design is based on ultra-minimalism and places the focus on screens rather than buttons.

The touchscreen command center is the interior’s main feature, with the design lines flowing around it. The evolving Tesla technology eliminated the need for a physical key for the Model 3, instead allowing access to be made directly from the Tesla app. Key fobs can be ordered, but users have welcomed the ease involved with using just the app.

The Model 3 is packed full of features, and it also provides a smooth and fun driving experience on top of that. It’s a versatile choice that combines the best technology with an innovative, elegant design and plenty of high-tech features.

Tesla Thinks like a Software Company

Although Tesla is now moving its headquarters to Texas, it has been greatly influenced by its time spent in California’s Silicon Valley. Tesla doesn’t approach the creation of its electric vehicles like the traditional automotive industry approaches products. Instead, Tesla makes the software the main factor when it comes to creating and manufacturing a vehicle.

In developing software on hardware, Tesla has direct access to the software at all times and uses it to add improvements to it throughout the manufacturing process continually. This means that the electric vehicle is constantly changing and can be constantly adapted, in stark contrast to how traditional cars are developed.

This focus on software to develop fully electric vehicles also means reduced cost when it comes to manufacturing. There is no need for internal combustion, which eliminates the addition of all the elements that are needed to accompany it. This manufacturing process emulates that of software companies like Apple and Microsoft.

This essential shift in perspective regarding the manufacturing process sets Tesla apart from most of its competitors and gives it an extra edge. It also means that the focus remains on innovation and on changing the industry in better ways.

The Customer is in Control

When it comes to Tesla electric vehicles, the customer is at the core of what the company strives to do. From the start of the transaction, the customer is placed front and center. Tesla vehicles can only be ordered online, even if you visit one of the Tesla flagship stores. This means that you will have whatever product you want available without issues.

The customer also gets to customize the order in great detail. You can choose the color of the car and design the model according to your specifications. Depending on the model you choose, there will be various features you can customize. Some of them include:

  • Traction options
  • Color options
  • Wheels and wheel covers
  • Interior colors and design

You can also select your preferred features, like adding full-self driving capability and the version of the model you’re looking to purchase. Other options include seating layouts on the models that offer up to seven seats.

The Trend Awareness Keeps Tesla’s Cars Relevant

Tesla keeps ahead of the curve by paying attention to the industry’s evolving trends and adapting to them as they arise. This awareness of the world’s evolution, and the needs and demands of their customers, has excellent involvement in Tesla’s success and in the products it develops.

Tesla started with a vested interest in the emerging world of renewable energy. This reaction to the world’s movement towards the awareness of a need for a sustainable future and green energy is at the core of the company and informs what it does. It also keeps Tesla aware of any growing trends that might change the progress of this endeavor.


Teslas are leaders in the electric vehicle industry because they keep ahead of the curve. The vehicles offered by the company meet the growing demand for a world leading into a zero-emissions future while offering unique designs and features that make the products memorable and customers loyal. Tesla’s profitable business model and continued research seem likely to continue setting it apart from its competitors.