The $35K Off-Menu Tesla Model 3 – Is It Worth the Savings?

For a while now I’ve heard about the $35K Off-Menu Tesla Model 3. There’s forum posts here and there about how to order it. Details of what features aren’t included, have been scattered. This video goes into great detail about what features are, and aren’t included. This “off-menu” offering is essentially the “Standard Range” model.

The “Standard Range Plus” model which is the entry model currently starts at $39,900 on Tesla’s site. It is the entry level model you’ll find on their site. If you’re looking to get into a new Tesla Model 3 for $35,000, you’ll have to go with the white exterior and these are the features you’ll be without:

  • Fake fog lights in front bumper
  • No “immersive sound”, subwoofer, or amp (subwoofer and amp are not part of the Standard Range Plus either, but the immersive sound is)
  • No floor mats
  • Reduced range (from 250 miles per charge down to 220)
  • No auto-pilot (which is now standard on the Standard Range Plus)
    • You can buy auto-pilot later for $3,000 (in-app purchase)
    • Full-Self Driving is available after initial purchase for $7,000, but also requires Auto-Pilot for a total of $10,000 before taxes.  Again, this is another in-app purchase

Heated Rear Seats

Just like the Standard Range Plus model, rear heated seats are available for $300 through an in-app purchase.

Is the $35K Off-Menu Tesla Model 3 Standard Range For You?

So, is $35K Off-Menu Tesla Model 3 worth the savings for what isn’t included? Leave a comment below if the “off menu” Tesla Model 3 is something you would consider. Or would you opt for the Standard Range Plus? If any of the options that are removed are something you’d want later, pricing is cheaper to purchase them ahead.

My daughter recently ordered a Standard Range Plus. We’ll have some articles on it once she takes delivery.

$35K Off-Menu Tesla Model 3

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