Tesla Software Update 2020.12.6 (Stoplights and Stop Signs)

tesla software update 2020.12.6 traffic light and stop sign control - beta

Tesla software update version 2020.12.6 just got pushed over onto our Model X today.

Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control is now in Beta. This feature is designed to recognize and respond to both traffic lights and stops signs. It will slow the vehicle to a stop when using the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer.

What Does it Do?

With the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature enabled, it will slow the vehicle for all detected traffic lights. This includes when the light is green, blinking yellow, and for any lights that may be out. Such in the case with a power outage.

As the vehicle approaches a an intersection the car will display a notification that is intends to slow down and stop at the red line shown for the driving visualization.

If you want to continue through the indicated stop line, you need to pull the Autopilot stalk once or briefly press the accelerator pedal to confirm it is safety to proceed. Personally, I’m likely going to use the accelerator, I think the Autopilot stalk will feel a bit unnatural. Although, I’ll likely try both at first and see if I do in fact prefer the accelerator approach.

Additional Notes on This Feature

With the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control enabled, the maximum set speed for the vehicle while using Autosteer is limited to the posted speed limit of the road. It does, however, let you increase your speed above the posted limit on freeways. Camera calibration may also be required before this feature can be enabled, however mine didn’t require it. There’s also a note that the latest version of Navigation maps must also be downloaded through Wi-Fi. I didn’t receive any additional notifications to do this, so it must have been up-to-date or downloaded automatically.

Learning Over Time

The Tesla update also mentions that this feature will be conservative and slow the vehicle down often at first. Also, it will not attempt to turn at an intersection, you will still have to manually make your turns for now. As they capture more and more data though, the feature will become smarter as they collect more information from Tesla vehicles out on the road. As this happens, Tesla expects this feature control will become much more natural.

Enabling Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control

Because this is a Beta release, you have to manually turn on this feature. To do so, make sure you have the vehicle in PARK and open up Controls/ Autopilot/ Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta).

Quick Test Dive

I went out tonight for a couple quick stop sign tests. The warning pops up letting me know I’ve “X” number of feet from a stop sign. A slight tap on the accelerator after the vehicle has come to a complete stop and the intersection is clear, the vehicle will continue straight. It also appears to limit the Autopilot speed to the speed limit the duration of time, not just when you’re coming near an intersection. One more step closer to Full Self Driving with Tesla software update 2020.12.6!

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