Is It a Tesla eBike Or Merely Re-Badging?

Tesla eBike

A Tesla eBike? I had to do a double-take on this one, I hadn’t heard of any Tesla eBike’s coming out yet. Granted, they’ve done other limited edition items including a surfboard. Also crossing over to the Boring Company with the “not a flamethrower“, fire extinguishers, and hats.

eBikes have certainly surged in popularity the last few years. Would Tesla ever consider producing one in at least limited quantities or partner with another company for production? The “Not a Flamethrower” used an air soft

tesla surfboard, could a tesla ebike bevdown the road?

Looking closer at it, there’s a url for which is the actual manufacturer of the eBike. They have 2 stores in Washington state and one in Montana. The owner just slapped on some Tesla badges on it.

Will We Ever See an Actual Tesla eBike? CyberQuad and Dirt Bikes?

Time will tell. If they do, it would likely be a limited edition only offering. With the CyberQuad in their plans, it might be more likely to see Tesla offer a dirt bike if they have any interest in expanding their motorsports offering? Could we see the Cyber styling applied to a dirt bike or possibly a jet ski in the future? Nikola offers a UTV and has been working on a personal water craft, although both have fairly hefty prices tags.

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