It’s Here! Tesla Model Y Features and Details

The first of the Tesla Model Y deliveries started on March 13th! Ryan Shaw has this video that dives into some of the features and details including various measurements.


No Tow Package (for now at least)

A few people who have received early deliveries of their Model Y noticed in the owners manual that the Y does not support towing. There is, however, a removable cover in the rear bumper similar to the Model X that would allow for a receiver hitch. The tow package on the Model X has been standard since some time in 2018, but when it first was released it was optional. The site Tesmanian posted an article with information supporting the fact Tesla will likely introduce a trailer mode for the Y at a later time.

Wireless Phone Charger

Tesla currently offers an aftermarket wireless inductive phone charger for the Model 3, for the Model Y it is standard.

Heat Pump

This one has been getting a lot of attention. The Tesla Model Y is the first Tesla vehicle to use a heat pump as opposed to resistance heating. However, heat pumps are not new to electric vehicles. The 2013 Nissan LEAF has a heat pump, compared to the 2011-2012 LEAF which had resistant heating.

Heated Radar

To improve winter drive ability, the Model Y also has heated radar. This should help reduce ice, snow, or even rain build up that can de-activate driver assist features such as auto-pilot. Even cruise control can become unavailable when cameras or other sensors are blocked.

USB-C Ports

Also new to the Tesla Model Y are USB-C ports. There are two behind the center console for mid-row passengers. Up front there’s still a single USB-A port and one USB-C.

And here’s a Model Y Deliveries Begin video from Tesla. Some really cool shots!

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