Looking to Organize Your Fishing Rods? Consider the Rapala Lock and Load Rod Rack – Product Review

rapala fishing rod organizer holder

Looking to get our fishing poles off of the floor (the wife has a tendency of sticking them in a corner of the garage), I decided to give the Rapala Lock and Load Rod Rack a try after seeing it on Amazon.  It’s designed so it can be mounted vertically on a wall or upside down on a ceiling, I opted for the ceiling option for my particular installation since we don’t have ton of open wall space in our garage right now as there’s several shelves around almost the entire garage.

Updated 12/27/15

Fishing Rod Organization

One issue I did find with this design is that since the rods go in the same direction, reels in the relatively same position of the rod may prevent you from being able to use every slot holder as there won’t be enough space in between.  Rapala could have maximized storage by alternating the rod directions.

rapala fishing rod organizer

Rapala Lock and Load Inter-Locking Tabs

If you have several rods, and want to install multiple holders, the Rapala Lock and Load Rod Rack has inter-locking tabs which allow them to be mounted fairly close to each other (you’d still have the distance of the tabs as a small gap).

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