Hummer EV Updates – New Information and Video!

hummer ev clay model

GM has released a new video for the upcoming GMC Hummer EV line. Still a bit of a teaser, but we do get a chance to see more than the previous video. During the 2020 Super Bowl is when we got our first teaser of the Hummer EV.

What New Information Do We Get?

  • Open Air Infinity Roof
  • Adrenaline Mode
  • Crab Mode (will this be a Crawl Mode or Eco Mode?)
  • Ultium Battery (this means an LG partnership for batteries)
  • Super Fast Charging
  • Next Gen Super Cruise (likely a semi auto-pilot driving feature)
  • Modular Sky Panels
  • Ultra-Vision Cameras: Will this help for off-roading? Could it be cameras that can be viewed within the cab for approach angles? Or, is it merely for autonomous driving capabilities?
  • The pickup is being called a Supertruck

Silhouette of the Hummer EV Vehicles

hummer ev supertruck
Hummer EV Supertruck
Hummer EV SUV


While the original Hummer H1 was available in a few body styles, the wagon version was fairly boxy. This continued on for the backend of the H2 and H3 as well. The line on the new Hummer EV SUV take a bit of a dip, presumably for improved aerodynamics (and likely overall aesthetics/styling reasons).

Drivetrain Comparison

Taking screengrabs from their video and overlaying them, I was able to see a difference in the drivetrain lengths. The Supertruck is longer than the SUV, will this also affect battery sizes? There’s a clear difference with the rear wheel location, but if you look closely, the truck bed extends further than the spare tire of the SUV as well.

Hummer EV – SUV and Supertruck Drivetrain Comparison

When Will We See More of the Hummer EV?

Initially the official unveil was set to happen in May, but presumably the pandemic has affected things. Some members of the media got a chance to see it in person, but were not allowed to take any photos or video. Now, it is slated for Fall 2020. You are also supposed to be able to place a reservation in Fall 2020, so possibly as soon as it is unveiled.

When Will the Hummer EV be Available?

According to this latest video, the Hummer EV will start rolling off the assembly line in the Fall of 2021. However, the quantities that will be available will remain to be see. Pricing will likely affect pre-order demand, which could also factor into GM’s production plans.

Pricing and No Tax Credit

I’m curious to see what the starting price will be at. I’ve heard rumors and speculation it could be upwards of $100k (USD). GM has hit the 200,000 mark for EV sales in the US. That means the federal EV tax credit in the US was phased out for GM. This was affective April 1st, 2020. Will no tax credit affect consumers decisions?

Other EV Truck Competition

How aggressive will GM be in their pricing? Rivian is expecting their truck and SUV to reach consumers next year. As of today, Tesla still shows production beginning late 2021 for the Cybertruck. There are other EV startups such as Bollinger and Workhorse with prototype trucks. Nikola also has their hydrogen electric Badger concept. It is a market that is surely heating up, if manufacturers can start getting these into production.

There’s greater challenge for some who are still just starting up. GM has experience with the Chevy Bolt, but are they ready for mass production of an EV truck?

Hummer EV E-Mail Updates

Want to stay up-to-date? If you’d like to get updates directly from GM related to the upcoming Hummer EV, they have a signup sheet on the website located here:

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