2019 Score Baja 1000 – Most Challenging Race on Earth?

SCORE baja 1000

This is a recap video by Monster Energy for their team at the 2019 Baja 1000. It marked the 52nd annual race for the 1000.

Monster Energy sponsors several classes. Their vehicles include some of the following race classes:

  • Trophy Truck – These can start at $600K and extend over $1 million to build. Typical horsepower starts at 800, but can go well over 1,000 depending on the build. Trophy Trucks are 2wd.
  • Hammer Truck – This truck began life in the rock crawling world, but have gained popularity in off-road desert racing including Baja. These vehicles must be 4wd for this SCORE class.
  • Class 1 Buggy – Your full custom, two-seat vehicles. No production bodied vehicles are allowed in this class.
  • Pro Moto Unlimited – Fairly straight forward, these are your dirt bikes.
  • Pro Quad – ATV’s
  • Class 11 Volkswagen Beetle – Stock motor Beetles (commonly known at Bug’s), they can have up to 2″ of suspension life. Super Beetle’s are not allowed in this class.

Some of the notable racers on the Monster Energy Racing Team include BJ Baldwin, Cameron Steele, and Casey Currie.

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To learn more about the Baja 1000, and SCORE, the sanctioning body, take a look at their website: http://score-international.com/