HomeLink and the Tesla Cybertruck: Exploring Your Options

tesla cybertruck homeline garage door opening options

There is one feature conspicuously absent from the Cybertruck‘s array of high-tech offerings: HomeLink. Unlike the Tesla Model S and Model X, the Cybertruck does not currently support HomeLink, a popular wireless control system that allows users to open their garage doors, gates, and more with ease. This has left many Cybertruck owners wondering about their options for seamless garage and gate access.

What is HomeLink?

HomeLink is a wireless control system integrated into many vehicles, allowing drivers to open and close their garage doors, gates, and even control home lighting systems without the need for separate remotes. It offers convenience and added security, integrating seamlessly into the car’s onboard systems. For Tesla owners, this means being able to control these functions through the car’s touchscreen interface.

The Situation with the Cybertruck

As of now, the Tesla Cybertruck does not support HomeLink. It’s unclear whether the Cybertruck has the necessary hardware that could be activated with a future over-the-air software update. Tesla does offer an Automatic Garage Door Opener integrated HomeLink module for the Model 3/Y, but it is unclear if one will be offered for the Cybertruck (assuming it doesn’t already have the hardware). The Homelink module for the Tesla Model 3/Y requires installation by a Tesla Service Center and currently costs $350 which includes the installation. This can come in cheaper than several years of MyQ subscriptions.

Exploring Tesla Cybertruck Homelink Alternatives


In the absence of HomeLink, Cybertruck owners do have an alternative: MyQ. MyQ is a smart garage door opener system that connects to your home’s WiFi network, allowing you to control your garage door through a smartphone app. This system can be integrated with the Cybertruck, providing a viable solution for those who need remote access to their garage.

Advantages of MyQ:
  1. Remote Access: Control your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone.
  2. Integration with Smart Home Systems: MyQ works with various smart home systems, enhancing its functionality.
  3. Notifications: Receive alerts when your garage door opens or closes, providing added security.
Drawbacks of MyQ:
  1. WiFi Dependency: MyQ requires a reliable WiFi connection, which might not be available in all locations, especially for automatic gate systems.
  2. Subscription Fee: Unlike HomeLink, MyQ requires a subscription for full functionality, adding to the ongoing cost.
  3. Compatibility Issues: MyQ is not compatible with many automatic gate systems, limiting its use for those with gated properties.


TeslaMate is an open-source data logger and monitoring tool designed for Tesla vehicles. It offers comprehensive insights into your car’s performance, energy usage, and driving habits through a user-friendly interface. While TeslaMate primarily focuses on data logging, its integration capabilities extend to home automation systems, making it a versatile tool for managing your vehicle and home environment.

Advantages of TeslaMate:
  1. Home Automation Integration: Potential to connect with home automation systems, providing an alternative way to control garage doors and gates.
  2. Customization: Highly customizable, allowing tech-savvy users to tailor the system to their specific needs.
Potential for Garage and Gate Control:

Although TeslaMate is not a direct replacement for HomeLink, its ability to integrate with home automation systems means it could be configured to control garage doors and gates, offering another layer of convenience for Cybertruck owners. This setup would require additional hardware and software configuration, making it a suitable option for those comfortable with DIY solutions and seeking to leverage the full potential of their smart home ecosystem.

Phone App Alternatives

Another option if you’re looking to avoid having to keep the often times bulky garage door opener in your vehicle is a Bluetooth module. I bought this GarageMax unit several years ago. It’s a fairly straight forward install and uses Bluetooth, not WiFi, so could potentially offer greater security from hackers. Unfortunately, this won’t help with those who have to open a gate.

garagemax bluetooth garage door opener app

Looking Ahead

While the absence of HomeLink in the Cybertruck is a notable omission, the situation may change. Tesla frequently updates its vehicles’ software, and it’s possible that HomeLink support could be added in the future. Until then, Cybertruck owners will need to explore alternatives like MyQ for their remote access needs.

For those who rely heavily on automated gate systems or prefer a more integrated solution, it may be worth waiting to see if Tesla releases any updates or hardware solutions. In the meantime, MyQ provides a functional, albeit imperfect, alternative for managing garage access.


The Tesla Cybertruck’s lack of HomeLink support is a disappointment for some, but not without potential workarounds. MyQ offers a practical solution for garage door control, even if it comes with certain limitations. As Tesla continues to innovate and expand its vehicle capabilities, Cybertruck owners can remain hopeful for future updates that might bring HomeLink or other integrated solutions into the fold. For now, exploring available alternatives and understanding their benefits and limitations is the best approach to maintaining the convenience and security of automated garage and gate access.

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