Cybertruck on Jay Leno’s Garage – Full Segment

tesla cybertruck on jay leno's garage

The last week or so, CNBC posted a couple of shorter “sneak peak” clips of the upcoming episode. This is the full segment, but definitely missing some footage previously show. This includes the trailer for the new season of Jay Leno’s Garage. Most notably, the Cyberquad footage. Perhaps some additional footage will end up on Jay Leno’s channel since it doesn’t appear to have made the CNBC cut. So here it is, the full episode of the Cybertruck on Jay Leno’s Garage, just a bit over 6 minutes.

It would be nice to see some extended cuts at some point. A few months back, Jay Leno posted some old footage of the original Tesla Roadster on his channel. Ideally we don’t have to wait several years for more Cybertruck footage.


As previously mentioned, despite footage in the trailer, clips of the Cyberquad didn’t make the final cut in the episode.

Lacking New Information

While I personally think it’s great to hear Elon speak more candidly about the Cybertruck, the episode is without much for new information on the truck, which is certainly a let down. Elon mentions they feel the truck is 5% too big, yet over Twitter he has since stated it will remain the same size as the prototype.

Will Only the Doors be Bulletproof?

I do find it interesting that Elon states the door panels are bulletproof in the clip. At the unveil, it sounded as though the entire exterior would be. Does this mean only the doors will have the 3mm thick stainless steel? Going with a thinner stainless steel for other body panels will provide Tesla with substantial cost savings on material.

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Easily one of my favorite YouTube Channels, check out more of Jay Leno’s Garage on his YouTube Channel. Perhaps we’ll see more Cybertruck on Jay Leno’s Garage in the future.