What Does an Electric Dragster Sound Like at 200mph?

An electric dragster certainly has a different ambience than compared to internal combustion dragsters. There are quite a few who prefer the loud noise, and to each their own, but are quieter race tracks the future?

Partnered with Current Technology, Steve Huff is the racer behind the wheel. Huff has raced many different vehicles during his career. Steve got his start with open wheel cars and carts. He also has competed in varying levels of motorcycle drag racing. Steve Huff also has established the world’s top speed for a production Harley Davidson at the Bonneville Salt Flats where he hit 167 mph in a V-Rod Destroyer.

Record Setting

May 14, 2020 – Tucson Dragway Team Carrell, Huff, & Barger in Current Technology become the FIRST and ONLY electric car to go over 200mph in the 1/4mile.  He hit 201.07mph with an ET of 7.52 in his electric dragster.


  • 240” Wheel Base which is NHRA Certified 6.50 Sec Dragster
  • Purpose Built Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 800 Volts
  • 5P/192S
  • 1.6 megawatts
  • 2,000 amps
  • 2 Custom Wound Axial Flux dual stack motors
  • 4 Rinehart 700amp Controllers
  • e-Spec Racecars Custom Chassis
  • 2010 lbs with driver
  • 2400hp 
  • 2000 ft/lb of torque
  • Best ET 7.52sec

At the end of the run he gives credit to the numerous people who have helped him along the way. From other racers, companies, and more. He also mentions a group from South Whidbey Island located in his home state of Washington. I grew up in North Whidbey, interesting to hear of a close geographic connection.


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