Cybertruck on Jay Leno’s Garage! Boring Tunnel Tour Too?

Back in January there were some videos and photos popping up of Jay Leno and Elon Musk with the Tesla Cybertruck. With film crews nearby, it was fairly safe to assume the Cybertruck (and Elon) would be featured on an upcoming episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

Just yesterday though, a new trailer for the upcoming season of Jay Leno’s Garage gave glimpse into couple short clips of the not only the Cybertruck, but also the Cyberquad! This footage should be in the actual episode unless it doesn’t make the final episode cut.

Stills From the New Season of Jay Leno’s Garage Video Trailer

All photo screen grabs from CNBC’s video:

elon musk and cybertruck on jay leno's garage
Elon Musk toward the beginning of the trailer saying “Cue Music!”
elon musk and the cybertruck on jay leno's garage
Jay Leno driving the Cybertruck (you can see some grey hair behind the tinted windows)
cybertruck on jay leno's garage - car elevator?

From this clip, it appears Jay and the Cybertruck (with Elon likely sitting shotgun) is traveling upward. Could it be a car elevator for a tunnel built by the Boring Company?

cyberquad and cybertruck
cyberquad and cybertruck on jay leno's garage

So When Will It Air?

The new season of Jay Leno’s Garage starts on May 20th at 10pm EST on CNBC. There’s no indication yet when the Cybertruck episode will air though. In the meantime we’ll just have to wait. In the Fall of 2019, Season 5 of Jay Leno’s Garage wrapped up with just 8 episodes. Season 4, however, had 16 episodes. Also worth noting it may take a while before the episode shows up on YouTube.

This is definitely one of my most anticipated episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage. It will be interesting to see Jay’s reaction to not only the truck and ATV, but also what appears to be a private tour of one of the Boring Company’s tunnels!

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