Cybertruck at the Petersen Automotive Museum!

The Petersen Automotive Museum just re-opened this week! There’s also a brand new feature in the main lobby, the Tesla Cybertruck! The Cybertruck is expected to be on display starting today, June 20th, through Saturday, June 27th, 2020.

This is the first scheduled public showing for the Cybertruck since it’s official unveil in November, 2019. While there have been a few sighting on roads around California and a feature on Jay Leno’s Garage, this will be the first opportunity for the public to get a better look in person. This walk around video from the YouTube Channel gaussdog might have some hidden features previously unseen.

Per their website, advanced tickets are required for admission to the Peterson Automotive Museum. If you plan on being in the Los Angeles are the next seven days and are interested in seeing the Cybertruck in person.

For more information on the Peterson Automotive Museum including purchasing advance tickets, check out their website at

On the Peterson website they show some of the current exhibits and permanent galleries, but nothing for the Cybertruck. Not yet at least.

Detailed Shots in Better Lighting

I’m sure over the next 7 days more photos and videos will emerge from the exhibit. It will be interesting to see if there’s anything new discovered. When the Cybertruck was unveiled, it was late at night and the sun had already gone down.

Cybertruck Sail Pillars

Personally, I’d like to see a inside the “sail pillar” storage compartments. I’m curious if the panels will open with a linear actuator or a different method. I believe the Tesla Model X uses a total of 6 linear actuators for the two Falcon Wing Doors. At least so far it doesn’t appear as though anything will be opened on the truck while it is displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Tonneau Cover – Closed

The tonneau cover on the Cybertruck was closed, so we won’t see any new images or angles of the bed. Or as Tesla calls it, the vault. We know about the LED lighting and t-slots at the base. There’s also tie-down locations in each corner

No Cyberquad Showing

Earlier there was a lot of speculation that the Cyberquad was built of a Yamaha Raptor frame. Eventually, Yamaha came out to say that was not true. With the Cyberquad a no-show at the Petersen Automotive Museum, we may have to wait a good while longer to see more details of the quad.


gaussdog had a good shot under the vehicle. The rear bumper appears (at least from this angle) to wrap underneath a good amount. Will the Cybertruck also see more in terms of battery pack protection such as skid plates?

cybertruck at the petersen automotive museum - cybertruck undercarriage

Still Just a Prototype

Tesla could still change quite a few things, but it’s exciting to see some new looks at the Cybertruck. A couple months back I was watching part of the original Tesla Model X unveil, they did change a decent amount, particularly up front. The bumper was swapped out for one that was closer to that of the refreshed Model S and the headlights had a bit of a redesign too.

On the episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Elon mentioned how he would hate how traditional auto makers would have a really cool prototype. Then, when that model went into production it was often not even close to the prototype that got people excited. Tesla always wants to make sure the production version is better than the prototype. We’ll have to wait and see how much changes between now and production. Will the current pandemic, will they still be able to start production in late 2021?

Will You See the Cybertruck at the Petersen Automotive Museum?

I don’t get to travel very often in the last few years, but certainly for those in driving distance of California, do you have plans to see the Cybertruck at the Petersen Automotive Museum?