Audi AI Trail Quattro i – Audi Off-Road Concept

audi ai trail off-road concept vehicle

This is the Audi AI Trail Quattro. It represents Audi’s take on what the future of recreational, all terrain vehicles will be. But how far into the future? It’s a cool, interesting design, but almost certainly another over the top concept that won’t see production. At least nowhere near it’s current design form.

The AI Trail was one of four concept vehicles in which Audi had on display at the IAA 2019 Show.

audi off-road concept quatrro trail ai
Static photo; Color: Galena silver

More on the Audi Off-Road Concept

Here’s a video from the YouTube Channel Supercar Blondie. Some of the unique features she points out are:

  • Removal rear hammock seats that you can attach to trees to use outdoors once you arrive to your destination.
  • Water bottles mounted in the door panels
  • Great analogy about how the front is very similar to a helicopter cockpit
  • Audi is apparently looking to a subscription model for their vehicles in the future where they have vehicles that are quite purpose intent. Such as the AI Trail intended for the trail and the AI Race designed for the track. No more multi-purpose.

the removal rear hammock chairs that you can attach to trees to use outdoors once you arrive to your destination.

You can learn more about the Audi Off-Road Concept, the AI Trail Quattro i through this release on the Audi Media Center website:


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