Black Tesla Model X – Chrome Delete and Matte Wrap

matte black tesla model x

While dropping off our Tesla Model X for ceramic coating, there was already a black Model X in the shop getting a chrome delete and a matte finish clear wrap. The full blackout look gives a sleek look in my opinion.

From what I’ve researched, you can apply ceramic coating to a vinyl wrap, but not the other way around.  If your vehicle has already been ceramic coating, a vinyl wrap will not adhere properly. 

Others may feel different, but I still don’t trust the wraps.  They’re considerably more expensive than ceramic coating (at least through most installers) as well.  The biggest concern I have is the durability.  Will portions of adhesive start to loosen over a few years, how well does the vinyl hold up to UV light from the sun and harsh road conditions?

Another Matte Black Model X – This One by West Coast Customs

This was a fairly mild build, especially by West Coast Customs standards. One of the biggest highlights has to be the audio install, which is extremely clean. They certainly had to raise the audio bar to meet expectations of their audiophile client, Mike Dean.

I wasn’t familiar with Mike Dean, but he’s a music producer who has worked with several marquee artists dating all the way back to the 1980’s.