Upcoming Projects! How to Build and Install a Murphy Bed Kit

I have a few new projects underway for our cabin. I recently purchased a Rockler I-Semble Murphy bed kit. This kit comes with all of the hardware needed to build a Murphy wall bed, minus the wood to build the cabinet. It also comes with dimensions for the plywood cuts to build the cabinet. I took advantage of using the cutting service at our local home improvement store rather than leaving with full sheets of plywood to have to cut myself.

With the left over “scrap” plywood, I had enough to build a hidden door. More to come on this build as well.

We’ll update this post in the coming weeks as we complete the Murphy bed. Currently, there’s quite a bit of snow over the mountain pass and there’s no way I’m going to try taking our trailer over anytime soon. I may have someone taking it over in a truck for me soon though.

Stayed as we’ll also be sure to include a diagram of our cut sheet which is not included in the instructions.


Kevin has been involved in the custom automotive scene since he bought his first mini-truck in high school and began modifying it. He also has interest in sustainability, DIY projects, and various forms of fabrication. Seeing improved technology of batteries, he has made a concentrated effort over the last few years to transition away from fossil fuels. From lawn care to automotive.

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