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Spindle Reinforcement Rings: Troy-Bilt Mower Deck Repair

troybilt mower deck reinforcement

Spindle Reinforcement Rings. These plate steel brackets provide additional mounting strength to your riding lawn mower deck. Particularly decks with fairly thin metal. If your deck has damage to the mounting holes for the spindles, these rings can save you from replacing your deck.

1st Deck Damage

Learning the hard way on this one. The weakest point of a Troy-Bilt zero turn lawn mower I bought seems to be the deck. Lesson here, do your research before making a purchase decision such as a riding lawn mower.

I previously reinforced one of the other spindle mounts with plate steel we cut out with a plasma cutter. 

2nd Spindle Damage

This one was a chain reaction of events.  It started when I mowed over a rock that is mostly in the ground, only sticking out what would seem an inch or two above the ground.  I’ve gone over this rock before without any problems, but one of the first mowing days of the season when the grass was still fairly tall, I managed to hit it wrong which forced the spindle to pull threw metal mounting whole of the mowing deck.

Ready-Made Spindle Mount Reinforcement Brackets

While looking for a replacement spindle, I found these reinforcement steel plate rings on Amazon that fit my particular mower, this was a 3-pack. There are reinforcement brackets for other makes and models as well.  Just search for your your particular make and model on Amazon for “Spindle Reinforcement Ring”.   After coming across these, I went ahead and ordered 2 more brackets.  I figured it was only a matter of time before I would have damage to the third one.

The initial damage, 2 bolts pulled through the mower deck sheet metal (left and right). Notice the cast metal broke off in the upper mount area as well.

troybilt mower deck spindle damage

spindle reinforcement ring for mounting mower deck spindles troy-bilt spindle reinforcement ring placed on underside of mower deck

You can simply have the spindle bolts hold these on, or, like I did, weld them into place. It’s completely optional. Just be careful if welding you don’t burn through what is likely fairly think metal on the deck. Build up your weld on the spindle reinforcement ring first.