Tesla Model S Drifting Run – Track in Tokyo

An older video posted back in 2015 of a rear wheel drive Tesla Model S. This run was in Tokyo, Japan. Even before the Tesla Model 3 Performance received a “Track Mode” over-the-air update, Tesla’s were still quite capable of drifting.

screen grab from the Tesla YouTube channel show a performance Model 3 drifting
Tesla Model 3 Track Mode (Screen grab from Tesla’s YouTube Channel)

Track Mode for Tesla Model S Drifting Improvements?

The Tesla “Plaid” drive train is expected as early as later this year for the Model S. Will at some point Tesla also release a track mode for the Performance series of the Model S as well?

Model 3 Track Mode v2

Tesla has already begun pushing out version 2 of the Track Mode on Performance Model 3’s. Some of the vehicle handling highlights include Handling Balance, Stability Assistance, and Regen Braking. It also includes real time status monitoring for Optimal Vehicle Cooling, Vehicle Status, and G-Meter. Not only that, but there are also performance reviews for Lap Timer, Video Logging, and Telemetry Data.

For more details, check out Tesla’s release notes for Track Mode v2.

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