Tesla Battery Day 2020 is Just Around the Corner!

Tesla Battery Day 2020

Tesla’s Battery Day has been pushed back a couple times this year, but we’re now less than 2 weeks away. Originally slated for April, it is now scheduled for September 22nd. There’s been quite a bit of speculation around what announcements they might share during the event.

Battery Tech

Clearly the main focus during their Battery Day events is around the battery technology itself. There’s been discussion of a battery pack that will last over a million miles, has Tesla now achieved this feat? Current Tesla battery packs are estimated to last somewhere between 350,000-500,000 miles before they need to be replaced. It would take some substantial cycle testing to determine if a battery pack can last for one million miles.

Big Announcements Coming

Elon Musk tweeted that many exciting things would be announced on Battery Day. This is only going to fuel the speculation!

Maxwell Technologies

Back in May, Tesla acquired Maxwell. Is it possible that Tesla has had enough time to incorporate some of the proprietary technology from Maxwell into their products already?

Project Roadrunner

Earlier this year, information about a code name “Project Roadrunner” was leaked. This is an internal project within Tesla to lower the cost of battery cells. Could some of this information come to light at Battery Day?

Plaid Model S

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, Tesla was estimating a release of a Plaid Model S by the end of the year. A tribute or borrowed naming from Space Balls, a movie Elon has referenced before had the line “the only thing faster than ludicrous is plaid!”. It’s quite possible there’s an update during Battery Day regarding the Plaid Model S. Photos of the Model S prototype with the tri-motor drive train showed some subtle enhancements to the body such as air intakes in the fenders.

Tesla Model S and X Refresh

A photo showing a more minimalist interior for the Tesla Model S and X surfaced last year. The rendering was quite similar to the Model 3 interior. Some individuals feel the Model S and X are a bit dated, especially the Model S that has only had a minor fascia upgrade since it first went into production in 2012. It’s quite possible that Tesla could also announce an update to the interior and/or exterior of the Model S and X.

Bigger Battery Packs and Longer Range?

Tesla has mentioned making batteries more dense. This would mean more power in a smaller size. This could open up things for battery packs that are larger than the current 100 kWh packs on the Model S and X. Larger battery packs would directly correlate to even longer range. Is it possible we might see 125 kWh or 150 kWh packs?


For those who are fans of EV’s, the Tesla Battery Day should bring some big news. Lot’s of speculation is out there, but all we can really do is sit back and wait. As the countdown to Tesla Battery Day gets closer, there should be more details on the time. Like previous events, it will likely be streamed live with a link on the Tesla.com website.

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