3 Tips to Protecting Your Tesla Key Fob

tesla model x key fob cover and tile tracker

Tesla Key Fob Protection and Tips How to Use Them for Newbies

Tesla key fobs are not cheap to replace, so it makes sense to spend a little money to help keep them protected. The Tesla Model S and Model X come with two fobs. The Model 3/Y have an optional fob you can purchase through the Tesla store for $150.

Scratch Protection

On our previous 2018 Model X, I had a handful of keys attached to the lanyard that came with the Tesla Model X key fob. It managed to scratch the fob pretty well over time. I had taken a picture of ours side by side before we got our 2020 Model X, but I can’t find it now.

There are fob covers with openings that don’t fully wrap around the fob, however, I prefer these silicone ones for full protection.

Have You Ever Misplaced Your Keys?

Admittedly I lost my fob recently and for several weeks. I finally found it in the pocket of a jacket I don’t wear very often. I wasn’t sure if it might have slipped out of my pocket.

Normally I don’t have an issue misplacing my keys, for the longest time it was my wife who wouldn’t know where she put hers. Not wanting to go through that ordeal again, I ended up picking up a pair of Tile Pro (2020). These are Bluetooth enabled devices you can attach to your key ring (among many other items). Download their app, follow the on-screen directions, and setup is pretty quick and easy.

Tile uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone and this is how you can track/locate them. If you have a tile, but can’t find your phone, simply press the button on the tile and it will send an audible alert to your phone. Even if your phone is on vibrate. The latest 2020 version is supposed to be capable of a 200 foot range. They come with a lithium battery that is expected to last a year and are also replaceable.


Keep Your Tesla Key Fob Dry!

The Tesla key fob is water-resistant, but not waterproof. On Tesla’s website it mentions that heavy rain or becoming submerged could damage the fob. If you’re into water or snow sports, you’ll want to make sure to come up with other options to ensure your fob stays dry. Accidentally dropping one into a large puddle could also cause problems.

I personally haven’t tested how water resistant the Tesla fob’s actually are, nor do I want to. Whenever we’re out on a boat (usually crabbing), I have a waterproof Pelican case I keep my phone/wallet, and keys in. While it’s a little bulky, I typically keep it clipped to my life jacket.

How to Use the Tesla Model X Fob

This video from Tesla demonstrates how to use your Model X key fob. Note that there are some settings you can change in your Controls settings for how the remote will function. One option is to have a single depress on the top of the remote to close all the doors of the vehicle (including the liftgate, but excluding the front hood which isn’t powered).

One thing the Model X fob doesn’t do is open the front doors, only the falcon wing doors, rear trunk, and releasing the latch on the front hood (frunk).

Model S Key Fob Functions

Here’s a quick overview video for how to operate the Tesla Model S Key Fob:

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