Rumored: Tesla Cybertruck’s 350-Mile Range Debut Unveiled

Launching a new vehicle model, especially one as anticipated as the Tesla Cybertruck, is no easy feat.

The stakes are great, and the expectations of electric vehicle fans around the world are high.

When Tesla announced that their first-ever pickup would debut with a 350-mile range instead of the initially planned 500+ miles, it certainly raised some eyebrows.

You can find all about this on InsideEVs’ report.

Tesla Cybertruck‘s Anticipated Debut

The anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is creating a stir in the electric vehicle market.

This Austin-based EV manufacturer’s first-ever pickup truck promises to revolutionize the industry with its innovative design and impressive features.

Originally planned specifications have since been altered. The driving range touted at the original unveil back in November 2019 was an astonishing 500+ miles for the top-end model. Since then, the Tesla website has been updated to say “up to 500 miles” of range, but will the 350 mile option hit production first? This shorter range could certainly be of concern for anyone who was expected to use their Cybertruck for hauling stuff in the bed, or as Tesla refer to it, the “vault” and especially towing.

A recent update from Twitter user Bearded Tesla Guy suggests that Tesla might skip the 500-mile trim entirely, focusing instead on delivering a more realistic range of around 350 miles per charge – still quite competitive within today’s EV landscape.


In our next section, we’ll delve into how this compares to other leading competitors such as Rivian R1T and Chevrolet Silverado EV.

Comparing the Cybertruck with Competitors

The Tesla Cybertruck’s driving range has been a hot topic in EV circles.

This Austin-based EV manufacturer’s first-ever pickup, is set to deliver 350 miles of range, matching up well against competitors like the dual-motor Rivian R1T.

The Dual-Motor Rivian R1T

Rivian’s electric truck also boasts an impressive 350-mile driving range.

While not as anticipated as the Tesla Cybertruck, it holds its own by offering similar performance capabilities and features.

The Chevrolet Silverado EV

Chevrolet chose a slightly different path for their Silverado EV model.

Their electric variant touts a remarkable 450-mile driving distance.

This gives them an edge over both the Tesla and Rivian models when considering long-distance travel.

Unveiling and Production of Tesla’s First-Ever Pickup

The Tesla Cybertruck, the Austin-based EV manufacturer’s first-ever pickup, made its debut back in November 2019. The prototype that was unveiled then took everyone by surprise with its unique design.

Fast forward to today, nearly four years later since that memorable unveiling. We are now witnessing the start of production for this highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck.

This marks a noteworthy event not only for Tesla but also the electric vehicle industry in its entirety. As we move closer to seeing these trucks on our roads, it will be interesting to see how they perform compared to traditional pickups.

Intriguingly enough, what comes next is even more exciting – exploring powertrain options offered by Tesla. Let’s investigate those specifics further in the next part.

Powertrain Options for the Cybertruck

Tesla’s ambitious unveiling of their first-ever pickup, the Cybertruck, was initially advertised with three variants for powertrain options:

The Single Motor Rear-Wheel Drive Option

This entry-level variant was touted to deliver a commendable driving range. However, recent updates suggest Tesla might skip this trim due to changes in production plans.

Dual-Motor AWD Trim and Tri Motor AWD

These mid-range and high-end variants were originally planned with impressive ranges that rivaled competitors like the dual-motor Rivian R1T. The tri motor awd model particularly stood out as it promised unparalleled off-road capabilities alongside extended mileage.

Rumored Quad Motor AWD Variant

A surprise addition to Tesla’s lineup is speculated: a quad motor awd version of the Cybertruck. While details remain scarce, enthusiasts anticipate groundbreaking performance metrics from this beastly configuration if it comes into fruition.

Speculations Around Tesla Cybertruck Pricing

The buzz around Tesla Cybertruck’s pricing has been growing, especially since Tesla removed this information from their website.

This move sparked speculation among industry experts and potential buyers alike.

Possible Price Adjustments Due to Powertrain Options and Driving Range Changes

Rumors suggest that the adjustments in powertrain options and driving range might lead to a price hike for the anticipated Tesla Cybertruck.

This wouldn’t be unprecedented; Chevrolet took a similar route with its Silverado EV model.

A Comparison: The Chevrolet Silverado EV Case Study

Chevrolet chose to increase prices of their Silverado EV after adjusting features.

An approach which was met with mixed reactions from consumers but ultimately accepted as part of evolving market dynamics.

The intrigue surrounding these developments sets an exciting stage for what comes next in our exploration into social media responses.

Social Media Buzz Around The Cybertruck

The anticipated Tesla Cybertruck has stirred quite a buzz on social media platforms. Many either love the styling or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be as many people in the middle. Others have stated the bold approach has grown on them.


The much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck seems to finally be getting closer to it’s production debut, but will it initially be offered in only a 350-mile range variant? As a day 1 reservation holder myself, a 350 mile option isn’t as appealing based on the towing we do. An offering of 350 miles is only slightly better than our current 2020 Tesla Model X long range that has an EPA rating of around 340 miles. If they do in fact delay a 500 mile battery pack Cybertruck long range, I think I’d have to wait until it is offered. The range is what ultimately made me want to modify my order up to the tri-motor version.

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