Fox Body HooniFox Rendering – Will this be the Next Hoonicorn?

Ken Block unveils a rendering by Ash Thorp of what could be the next version of the Hoonicorn. Based on a Fox Body Mustang, this concept is their Fox Body Hoonifox. His original Hoonicorn was a heavily modified 1960’s Mustang Coupe.

Batman, Gas Monkey, and a Hoonicorn

Ash Thorp has an impressive growing resume. Because of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), he’s not able to provide much in terms of details, but he is on the team that was tasked with designing the latest Batmobile.

In this video, he also shows an unfinished rendering of a Corvette that Richard Rawlings may be looking to build at his Gas Monkey Garage.

Check out more from Ash Thorp on his website

More on the Fox Body Hoonicorn

This video gave a behind the scenes conversation about what went into the inspiration of the design. From wiring frame to build up into a digital clay model. Design inspiration came from various vehicles. It’s one thing to design 2D renderings of vehicles, but going to this detail in 3D is to another level!

Ken Block was looking for something with an 80’s vibe and was drawn to the Mustang Fox Body with louvers, but also a white on white styling ala the Lamborghini Countach, Miami Vice style.

Styling cues also seemed to be inspired by other vehicles including a BMW and WRX.

It’s amazing how much software has evolved. I consider at one point to be an intermediate to advanced Photoshop user, yet I wouldn’t have a clue how to start producing rendering in 3D at this level. Admittedly my skills seem to be declining as I use Photoshop less and less these days. It’s remarkable how you can mockup different styles once you have the base rendering. The ability to add various elements, lighting effects, and textures making these rendering nearly photorealistic.

fox body hoonifox

If it built, will they call it a Fox Body Hoonifox or the Fox Body Hoonicorn?