Missed Your Chance at a Boring Company “Not a Flamethrower”? Consider Building One!

Safety First Always take proper safety precautions around fire, this article is not intended for children.  I’ve used blow torches/weedburners for many years now. They can make it much easier to start bonfires and to get rid of weeds growing in gravel driveways, etc.  Whenever fire is involved, always play it safe. Boring Company Not a Flamethrower If you’ve followed Elon Musk at all, you probably heard about his announcement to raise funds for his Boring Company through some merchandising. Elon has referred to the movie Spaceballs before and likely got some ideas from the merchandising scene.  Originally 50,000 hats, and then came Flamethowers which were initially presumed by many to be a joke, but it wasn’t…

The Former West Coast Choppers Building

Building once used by West Coast Choppers

I was recently traveling through Long Beach, CA and came across the former West Coast Choppers building where renowned fabricator Jesse James ran his business. The building is now home to a thrift store, but still has the original gate and door from West Coast Choppers, quite impressive fabrication.