9 Best Tires for Tesla Model 3 (Buyer’s Guide)

best tires for tesla model 3

If you’ve searched the internet for information on electric vehicles (EVs) tires before, you’ve probably come across blogs that tell you that they need different tires than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. Because of that, you may be wondering: which is the best tire for my Tesla Model 3?

The best tires for a Tesla Model 3 are designed for performance and comfort. They feature advanced tech that improves traction, reduces the braking distance, lowers rolling resistance, and improves grip, stability, and steering responsiveness. They’re durable, light, and hydroplaning-resistant.

Read on for more insights into why a Tesla Model 3 uses different tires, what to consider when buying tires for your Tesla EV, and a review of the best tires on the market.

Why Your Tesla Model 3 Needs Different Tires

The main difference between EVs and ICE vehicles is the electric battery. These batteries are quite heavy and put extra stress on the car’s tires. Because of that, conventional tires would wear out prematurely if you installed them on your Tesla Model 3. Additional factors that require special tires include wear-and-tear due to faster acceleration and increased braking distance.

What To Consider When Buying Tires for Your Tesla Model 3

When buying a tire for your Tesla, think about the following:

  • Load index: Select a tire with a higher load index to accommodate your car’s weight comfortably.
  • Rolling resistance: Choose a tire with low rolling resistance for better speed.
  • Traction: Choosing the tires with the best traction can stop you from losing control while accelerating or braking.
  • Tire noise: Since EVs are quiet, it’s natural to choose notoriously quiet tires.
  • Trade-off: Consider the range and performance of the options and pick tires based on what you consider most important. The range is the distance the tires can cover, while performance refers to sound, traction, acceleration, and braking distance.

Let’s review some of the highest-quality tires you can buy for your Tesla Model 3:

Michelin CrossClimate Plus

Michelin’s CrossClimate Plus comes with a multi-condition-focused tread pattern for superior performance in all weather conditions. The highly directional tread pattern also significantly improves this tire’s traction in snow, perfect for winter driving!

The tread’s design has transverse ribs for outstanding cornering, while the tread blocks are bevel-edged for better traction on damp or wet surfaces.

The product features different warranties, depending on your preferred rating. H- & V-speed rated models come with a 50,000-mile warranty, while the W- & Y-speed rated models feature a 40,000-mile warranty.

In a nutshell, the CrossClimate plus has outstanding braking and handling on dry surfaces, provides excellent feedback, and has stable handling in all conditions.

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

The Assurance MaxLife features an advanced rubber compound and a continuous center rib for constant contact with the road and outstanding responsiveness.

If you need a tire with exceptional directional stability, we recommend trying the Assurance MaxLife out!

The tire has notched intermediate ribs and partially closed shoulders for improved stability and cornering grip. The Assurance MaxLife also features four circumferential grooves and block edges for improved water evacuation and wet traction. You’ll be impressed by how well these tires handle wet and damp conditions.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus

The Ecopia EP422 utilizes Bridgestone’s exclusive NanoPro-Tech for reduced rolling resistance.

The tire features a symmetric tread pattern, independent center blocks, and a notched shoulder for improved dry traction and handling. Inside, you’ll find two steel belts wrapped with nylon and a polyester casing for increased tire strength, comfort, and durability. The circumferential groove design comes in handy in water evacuation, reducing hydroplane risks.

Driving your EV on snow, slush, or ice-covered roads is quick and easy, thanks to the multiple sipes around the Ecopia EP422’s treads.

The Continental TrueContact

The Continental TrueContact is designed for performance, featuring advanced technology for stable, consistent driving under different conditions. The tire’s Tg-F Polymer and Silane construction delivers exceptional dry and wet traction. Simultaneously, the optimized symmetric tread pattern ensures constant contact with the road for better handling and steering response.

The siped tread block and Continental’s patented Traction Grooves deliver superior gripping of the surface, even in the harshest elements. With this tire, you’ll get unique ride comfort and reduced noise and vibrations.

If you need a long-lasting tire, look no further than the TrueContact – it features twin steel belts and a polyamide reinforcement for extra strength and durability.

Vogue Custom Built Radial VIII

Are you looking for a tire that combines performance with aesthetics? If so, the Custom Built Radial VIII is what you need.

The well-crafted, beautifully designed tire comes with high-tensile steel belts, a gold puncture control pad, and polyester body plies for added stability, strength, and durability. The tread design is asymmetrical, allowing for driving in any and all weather and road conditions.

Additional pros include the best-in-class wet and dry traction and remarkable handling and steering response.

Firestone Champion

The Firestone Champion, though designed with conventional vehicles in mind, comes in handy for EVs, too. This tire features advanced tech for reduced rolling resistance, limiting your car’s power consumption without hurting the grip, braking, and traction performance. The steel cord also adds strength while keeping the tire lighter.

For durability, the Firestone Champion has a two-ply polyester body casing and comes with side steel belts and nylon reinforcement.

For easy rotation, this tire has a symmetric tread design. Driving in wet and snowy conditions is also easier since the tread is deep enough, providing excellent traction in all elements. The full-depth tread’s biting edges make it easy to drive on snow-covered surfaces.

The tire is also hydroplaning-resistant, thanks to the four circumferential grooves, which are effective in water evacuation.

Yokohama Avid Ascend

The Avid Ascend is an outstanding tire – its dry traction and steering response beat the competition by a mile. The solid tread pattern allows smooth acceleration and braking, giving you a nice, quiet ride.

This tire has excellent steering response and stable cornering. Reviewers have pointed out its very good dry, wet, ice, and snow traction as a remarkable feature.

Michelin Energy Saver A/S

The Energy Saver A/S confirms Michelin’s position as a producer of premium-grade tires. The tire emphasizes energy efficiency and durability while delivering shorter braking distances. Most notably, the tire reduces braking distance by 2.4 meters.

The tire boasts of the MaxTouch construction for constant contact with the road, delivering an added 25,000 km travel distance above its rivals. The tech also distributes acceleration, braking, and cornering forces evenly for a smoother ride.

The silica-based tread construction maximizes the tire’s grip for a safe ride, while the EnergySaver tech keeps the tire cooler, optimizing electricity consumption when driving. 

Continental’s PureContact LS

The PureContact LS is another fan-favorite tire. It’s ultra-durable and provides the best-in-class comfort, noise-free rides, and an extensive warranty.

The heat-activated polymer improves its compactness, while the silane construction improves grip on surfaces, providing a seamless driving experience on slippery roads.

With this model, you get:

  • A 112,000 km limited warranty
  • A wide selection from 15 to 20 in.
  • Shorter braking distances, thanks to the Ecoplus technology
  • A better grip on wet roads due to the Silane additives
  • Visual indicators that alert you when the tire isn’t performing optimally, or you need to check your Tesla Model 3’s wheel alignment.

For more information on the best tires for a Tesla, we recommend that you watch this video:

Final Thoughts

Electric vehicles are the latest disruption in the global automotive scene, and it’s clear that they’re still gaining traction!

Getting the most out of a Tesla Model 3 requires tires that match its comfort, efficiency, and performance. Your EV needs to be fitted with durable, sturdy, and energy-efficient tires that increase its stability and grip while reducing rolling resistance and noise. 

The nine options in this list work perfectly on the Tesla Model 3.