How to Fold the Cybertruck Rear Seats Up

cybertruck rear seats can be folded up to maximize storage space

The Tesla Cybertruck offers a versatile solution for maximizing cargo space with its innovative rear seat design. The rear seats can be folded up to create additional storage space when needed. Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of this feature.

Folding Up the Rear Seats

To create more room in the second row, the seat cushions can be folded upwards. The rear seat is split into two sections for added flexibility. Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Tab: Locate the tab on the inside of the rear door.
Cybertruck rear seat tab to pull seats up.
  1. Lift the Seat: While pulling the tab, lift the front of the seat upwards until you hear a click. This sound confirms that the seat is securely locked into place.

Folding Down the Rear Seats

To return the seats to their original position, simply:

  1. Release the Tab: Pull the tab again.
  2. Press Down: Press down on the corresponding seat cushion until it locks back into place.

Important Safety Tips

  • Check the Area: Ensure the area is clear of objects and hands before folding the seats up.
  • Secure the Seats: Make sure the seats are fully locked into place before driving.
  • Passenger Safety: Before a passenger sits down, confirm that the seat cushions are fully folded down and locked.

By following these steps, you can easily maximize your Cybertruck’s cargo space while ensuring safety and convenience for all passengers. Happy driving!

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