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Tesla + Atari = TeslAtari? (No console required)

Tesla; atari, teslatari, v9, centipede, asteroids, lunar lander, mission control, pole position
Tesla Touch Screen - Atari 7600 (Console merely sitting there and not connected)

Elon Musk had tweeted back in August about Atari games coming as “Easter Eggs” in the Tesla v9.0 update. The over-the-air update started rolling out on October 5th, our vehicle was queued up on October 13th. The games that are part of this update are Asteroids, Centipede,

tesla, atari, centipede, asteroids
Initial Atari games released on Tesla software update v9.0

Elon also mentioned the possibility of Pole Position which would be controlled through the Tesla steering wheel, it didn’t make it into the initial v9 release, but perhaps in an upcoming minor version update.

More to follow including game play footage.

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