Aptera Motors – Record Breaking 1,000 Mile Electric Range!

aptera motors 1000 miles range electric vehicle

“The world’s most efficient solar/ electric vehicle is now available for pre-order” per Aptera’s website. Aptera was originally founded in 2005, but subsequently liquidated by 2011. In 2019, the original co-founders decided to reform the company.

The Aptera is a 3-wheeled vehicle. Similar to the Polaris Slingshot, it is classified as an “auto cycle” or even a motorcycle, depending on where you live. In the United States, the Polaris classification varies state to state. The same will likely be true for the Aptera.

The overall design of the expected 2021 model is similar to the design the company originally came up with over a decade ago. Most noticeably, the headlights have received an update. In my opinion, the new “blade” headlight design takes some styling cues from the Tesla Cybertruck.

A larger, and much needed overhaul is within the interior. Much more modern technology can be found throughout the inside of the vehicle.

First Ever, Never Charge Solar Vehicle

Aptera describes their automobile as the first never charge solar vehicle, but this comes across very misleading. At least in my opinion. Regardless whether you plug in or are able to capture energy from the sun, the vehicle still needs to be charged. They state that depending on your driving habits, you may never need to charge. The vehicle will accept 110 volt charging. Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any mention whether it will support charging beyond 110 volts.

The Aptera design is ultra lightweight and super efficient.

Custom Aptera’s

So far it appears potential buyers will order a “Custom Aptera” unless they were able to reserve a limited edition version, which will cover in the next section.

The range options determine the base price and are as follows:

250 miles$25,900
400 miles$29,800
600 miles$34,600
1,000 miles$44,900

Aptera Options

At the time of this writing, these are the options Aptera lists on their website and how much they cost:

Enhanced Audio$600
Camping Kit$600
Pet Kit$300
Off-Roading Kit$1000

SafetyPilot: This is Aptera’s autonomous driving feature and likely very similar to Tesla’s AutoPilot. They mention the Aptera will drive itself to your location with Level 2 autonomy and includes facial tracking, lane keep, adaptive cruise, and emergency braking. Level 2 autonomy is defined as partial automation. This is a standard developed by the SAE International, it is a 0-5 scale with Level 0 No Automation at the bottom end on up to Level 5 Full Automation. No manufacturer has yet achieved Level 5. Waymo and Tesla may be the closest.

Enhanced Audio: With the enhanced audio, you’ll get an extra three channels of sound. It’s supposed to add sound depth and a subwoofer provides what Aptera describes as accurate and deeper bass response.

Camping Kit: With the Aptera camping kit, you get an integrated tent and rear awning. It includes tail cover and step stool for easy entry, but no actual images or additional information is available at this time.

Pet Kit: This package includes a pet divider and accessories including water bowl, bags, and rear cover and ladder.

Off-Roading Kit: I’m sure this one will be fairly mild. I wouldn’t expect anything for hardcore off-road, maybe some fairly maintained gravel roads. According to their website, Aptera claims this package will be provide more ground clearance and tougher wheel covers to allow you to go off-road. Again, no further information or images at this time. There’s no mention on how the additional ground clearance is obtained, whether it’s with upgraded suspension components or merely larger diameter tires.


For just $100 you can place a reservation for an Aptera. If you use my Aptera referral code, you can save $30 off your reservation for a total of just $70. This Aptera Promo Code will save you some green, simply follow the link and click “Reserve Now”.

Limited Edition Aptera Paradigm and Paradigm+

On December 4th Aptera announced the availability of pre-orders for their vehicles, including two limited edition models. Although they didn’t seem to mention the quantities available. The Paradigm (400 mile range) had a price tag of $29,900. Jump up to the Paradigm+ (1,000 mile range) and the price tag increases to $46,900. These limited editions were sold out in less than 24 hours, but you can still order a “custom” Aptera.

With the limited edition models, the features include Enhanced Audio, Full Solar, and Special Interior Upgrades. The full solar includes cells on the hood, roof, and rear hatch.

Aptera Circa 2009

Here’s a video from Jay Leno’s Garage back in 2009. It definitely shows how far technology has improved. Jay mentions “finally, a true 100 mile electric vehicle”. Fast forward 11 years and it Aptera now claims ten times that range on the top end model. That’s quite impressive in my book. It certainly makes me wonder how EV’s will evolve in the next 10 years. Many expect the cost of batteries to drop. What other technology improvements will we possibly see?


This is another small electric vehicle company, but this one is starting up again for the second time. With 2021 just around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to see if they can make it into production. For more information, be sure to checkout the Aptera Motors website: https://www.aptera.us/

Don’t forget, you can use my referral code to save $30 off your reservation. That brings the total down to only $70 to reserve an Aptera.