2018 2nd Gen Nissan LEAF Unveiled

The 2018 has finally been unveiled, it will come with a 40kw battery which appears to be handle about a 150 mile range per charge.  It seems the 2019 models may offer a larger battery which will provide further range.  In competing with companies that have autonomous driving, Nissan will offer their “Pro Pilot Assist” on the 2018 LEAF.

Additional features include Apple Carplay, Android Auto, lane departure and blind spot warnings, and something called ePedal which apparently allows you to drive with practically just one pedal for regular driving conditions (where you don’t have to slow down abruptly) while producing regenerative breaking.


Kevin has been involved in the custom automotive scene since he bought his first mini-truck in high school and began modifying it. He also has interest in sustainability, DIY projects, and various forms of fabrication. Seeing improved technology of batteries, he has made a concentrated effort over the last few years to transition away from fossil fuels. From lawn care to automotive.

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