The West Coast Electric Highway

After looking at different options for charging our Nissan LEAF and taking a look the closest quick charge station to our house (which is an AeroVironment unit), I decided to sign-up for their monthly service. For $19.99/month subscription (plus a $15 activation fee) you get unlimited access to their stations, and you can cancel at anytime.

If you decide to charge at AeroVironment, but don’t want to sign up for their subscript, single-use fees iare $4/session for Level 2 charging and $7.50/session for the DC fast charging stations. As long as we use charging away from the house, I figured we’d give the subscription a try. Another provider with stations near us cost a little less per month, but also charged you early termination fees if you break the 1-year contract.

A huge plus with AeroVironment that I found is that they have built what is called the West Coast Electric Highway. They have several quick charge stations along I-5 and along Highway 101 in Oregon. Their network of chargers will also get you into Eastern Washington along Highway 2 and I-90. With this availability of charge stations, it looks like I’ll be able to take the LEAF further than original expected (and without having to wait hours upon hours to get charged back up again). I’m seeing some upcoming road trips in the LEAF once we receive the charging fob in the mail. You can check out more on the West Coast Electric Highway and AeroVironment here: (there’s also a link on this page to download a PDF map of the West Coast Electric Highway).


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