Shaman 8×8 – Extreme Off-Road Vehicle by Avtoros!

Avtoros, a company based out of Russia manufactures an insane vehicle called the Shaman. It features an 8 wheel drive system that has fully independent suspension at each wheel.

Shaman Dimensions

The Shaman measures in at over 20 feet in length, is over 8 feet wide. The height is just over 8.5 feet of height! It has nearly a foot and a half of ground clearance. This can come in handy for any pesky boulders in your way! The curb weight comes in at just over 10,500 pounds.

A vehicle this size certainly isn’t built for speed, rather it’s off-road capabilities. It’s also not exactly you’d want to race in the Baja 1000. It’s top speed clocks in at 44 miles per hour.

Can the Shaman Float?

Similar to the SHERP, Shaman is fitted with low-pressure tires. Despite it’s size and weight, the low-pressure tires are able to move it across water up to 5mph. It may not get you where you’re going that fast, but if there’s a river or lake in the way, it could be quicker than going around.


I’ve seen some models with a 9 passenger configuration, but the current offering seems to be a 12 seater. Either way, that should be more than enough for someone looking to upgrade their “soccer mom minivan”.

Avtoros’ Website

For more information, head over to the Avtoros website!


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