Meet the Powerful and Rugged Jeep eBike

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Jeep has partnered with a company called QuietKat to produce this new eBike that is currently available for pre-orders. The bike is expected to ship in September, 2020. It isn’t Jeep’s first foray into bikes. Other automotive manufacturers have also gotten into bikes before. Below is a Jeep Cherokee mountain bike.


Let’s take a quick look at the specifications:

Motor/Class:750W Nominal 150W Peak (Class 1 or 2)
Battery/Range:14.5ah/48V, 30-60 miles
Brakes:4-Piston Hydraulic Disc
Suspension:150mm Air Suspension Fork / RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock
Tires:Poly 26” x 4.8” Fat-Tire
Weight:79 pounds
Load Capacity:300 pounds
Sizes:S/M 17″, 19″ M/L
Starting Price:$5,899

Full Suspension

The suspension features 150mm of travel, front and rear and is a fire-link design, which is a 4 bar linkage. It’s design is intended to provide the best traction possible.

  • FRONT: RST Air Suspension Inverted Fork (150mm)
  • REAR: RockShox Monarch RL (150mm)


Stopping power is fairly impressive. 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes should provide great braking control, especially when going down steep decents.

Tires and Terrain

The bike is outfitted with a pair of 26″ fat tires to help conquer everything from soft sand and snow to hard packed trails and rocks. In this video, they show it going up some significant inclines.

Battery and Motor

Power comes from a BAFANG Ultra-Drive 750 Watt motor. It packs a powerful 150 Watts at Peak Performance and it’s also configurable as a Class 1 or 2 Electric Bicycle.

A 750w motor provides plenty of power and torque paired with a 14.5 amp hour battery. Torque measures in at 160 newton meters. The Jeep eBike features a hidden battery location within the frame within the down tube.

The Jeep eBike will give up to 40 miles of range per charge. You can also purchase additional battery packs. Have one or two of these charged up and you can change swap them out to increase your range while you’re out on the trails.

It also includes a 10- speed drive train. This should allow you to gear up just about any climb you’re ready to try and conquer.

Jeep eBike Price

The Jeep eBike will have a premium price as far as most eBikes go. Starting at a hefty a $5,899, you can add-on a remote dropper seat post for an additional $278. That will bring your total to $6,177. For more information and to pre-order, check out

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