World’s First Passenger Drone – the eHang 184


eHang has apparently created the world’s first passenger drone. Learn more in the video…

Electric Racer – EV West’s All-Electric Baja Race Car


Here’s trial testing footage of SRD – Strategic Racing Designs all-electric baja race car, the drive train was built by EV West.

The Villain – A 1968 Pro Touring Mustang By Classic Recreations


Pro Touring is a style that takes a classic car and adds more modern amenities to it. The “Villain” was a SEMA build by Classic Recreations out of Oklahoma where they took an old rusted out 1968 Mustang Fastback and modernized it. It’s one of my favorite Mustang builds to date.

The Hummer H2X: A Kit Car Based on the Hummer HX Concept

bureko hummer h2x hummer hx concept

From Concept to Pop Culture to Kit Car

Back in 2008 I remember seeing a concept vehicle that I was truly excited about and hoping would soon hit production, it was called the Hummer HX – in some cases referred to as the Hummer H4. Fast forward to 2010 after some financial hardships for Hummer and a few failed attempts at the company being bought out, General Motors shutdown the Hummer brand.

Introducing the Jaguar I-PACE: Jaguar’s First Step Into the Electric Vehicle Market

jaguar i-pace electric vehicle ev concept

Back in November Jaguar debuted their I-PACE concept vehicle, a full electric vehicle (EV) that appears to be scheduled for availability to the mass market mid 2018.

Freaks of SEMA 2016 – By Hot Rod Network


Thom Taylor, Mike Finnegan, and KC Jones take a look at some of the more unique vehicle builds from SEMA ’16 including a Rolls Royce Rat Rod, a Cedar Log Hot Rod, a ’49 Ford Truck powered by a 5.9L Freightliner motor.


Nissan LEAF TCU 3G Update (Just Had Mine Done)

nissan leaf tcu invoice

The “Letter” and What is a TCU?

Many LEAF owners should have received a letter in the mail from Nissan informing them of an update to Telematics Control Unit (TCU). The TCU works on a 2G cellular network from AT&T and is used by the NissanConnect EV system, formerly called CARWINGS. NissanConnect EV can be accessed web-based and/or through a smartphone app and can be used to check your vehicle charge status, operate climate control remotely, and also access driving history information.

A Quick Look at the 2017 Chevy Bolt

2017 chevy bolt all electric vehicle ev

First deliveries of the Chevy Bolt happened yesterday.  A couple months ago I ran into another LEAF owner who said Oregon and California dealerships will receive the initial deliveries of the Chevy Bolt – that day has come.  He thought the LEAF might be his last car, but he was seriously considering a Bolt and contacted a dealer in Oregon who put him on their waiting list.  Chevy has delivered on their promise of delivering the Bolt by the end of 2016 with dealers across the US reportedly expected to receive their own inventory later this month.  The Bolt currently has an EPA rating of 235 miles per charge.

It won’t be until the 2018 model years in which the Nissan LEAF not only sees a complete redesign, but it’s biggest jump in range.  Anyone who might have a Nissan LEAF coming off lease, the Chevy Bolt might just worth looking into.

Here’s a short overview video of the Chevy Bolt, from Chevrolet themselves.

Check out Chevy’s site for more information on the Bolt.

Elon Musk Unveils the Tesla Powerwall 2 and Solar Roof


If you’re familiar with the Tesla Powerwall, the new Powerwall 2 claims significant increases in power output over the original. With Tesla’s company merger vote with Solar City expected on November 17th (just two days away), Elon Musk has already given a press conference on their solar roof shingles along with some information on the Powerwall 2 which now available for pre-order.

This video is fairly long, just over 19 minutes.

SkyRunner: A Dune Buggy That Can Fly…Seriously, It Can Take to the Air!


A More-Capable-On-Land Powered Parachute

CNN Money had this video feature on SkyRunner, a dune buggy that is also a power parachute! A friend of mine introduced me to power parachutes over a decade ago, although I’ve never had a chance to actually go up in one. Power parachutes, some times referred to as PPC’s, or, as my friend called them, an ultralight, lightsport aircraft, etc is an aircraft with a motor and wheels, and takes to the air with a parachute. Research for yourself the ins and outs of names for these – also take note these are different from powered paragliders which use a large fan strapped to the back of a pilot.

Unlike SkyRunner, most powered parachutes are fairly limited on land.  Their motor and wheels are generally used for landing and taking off, with moderate runway taxiing and not much else.  SkyRunner on the other hand, is a purpose built buggy with a top land speed of 115 mph.